Shortly after Juliet was born Erik took over on weekend breakfast duty. We all hang out in the kitchen and drink coffee while Erik cooks and it’s the best way to wake up (it’s usually before 7am, Juliet is an early-riser).

I’m always on the look-out for healthy pancake recipes and recently came across this one. No sugar and very little flour, awesome. I added chia seeds and skipped the chocolate chips the original recipe calls for and the  pancakes were a big success. I actually made the pancakes while Erik did everything else. I put Juliet in a sling and whipped these up and I love that you only need to use one bowl. 

We serve up the pancakes with organic pure maple syrup from Trader Joes. Juliet can eat almost an entire pancake by herself!

Healthy banana pancakes (recipe slightly adapted via Minimalist Baker

Makes 3 good-sized pancakes


1 very ripe medium banana
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 egg
Pinch of salt
1 Tablespoon chia seeds (these are optional)
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
1 Tablespoon butter
1 Tablespoon coconut oil (or canola oil)
3 Tablespoons milk 
½ cup rolled oats 
¼ cup whole wheat or unbleached flour 

Preheat a skillet to medium heat 
Mash the banana with baking powder
Add egg, oil, salt, vanilla, butter, milk and stir
Stir in oats, chia seeds and flour until just combined
Scoop 1/3rd of the batter onto lightly greased griddle or skillet
Cook for 2-4 minutes on each side – until golden brown
Serve with pure maple syrup (or add chocolate chips for more sweetness) 

My family is a bunch of suckers for vinegar chips. Well, chips in general, but also vinegar chips. So when I saw a recipe for vinegar broiled potatoes on Pinterest I knew I needed to give them a try for our next family gathering. 

I am a big fan of anything and everything potato-related so I’m willing to give most potato recipes a try.

A couple important notes about this recipe:

The original recipe calls for fingerling potatoes. The grocery store didn’t have any that day so I opted for red potatoes. These worked just fine, but fingerlings have a little different flavor and would probably be really good, if not better, in this recipe.

Be prepared for your house to smell strongly like vinegar as you boil these. The smell didn’t linger, thankfully…though I sort of like the smell of tangy vinegar so it probably would have been fine it it had.

Don’t give the potatoes a taste right when come out of their vinegar boil. Just. Don’t.

Dry the potatoes off extremely well after you drain them from their vinegar bath. This will help them get nice and crunchy on the outside when you broil them. I didn’t pat them dry enough and as a result they were a bit soggy.

The original recipe says you can use regular white vinegar or malt vinegar. I recently went to a cooking class and the chef said never to use white vinegar unless you’re cleaning your coffee pot. There are many other vinegars that are much better to use for cooking. That’s why I opted for malt vinegar.

And lastly, the original recipe didn’t include a sour cream dipping sauce and I like to dip things. Especially potatoes. The sour cream is awesome and helps to cut the super tangy, vinegar taste. 

Vinegar broiled red potatoes (recipe adapted via Umani Girl)

1 pound red potatoes, sliced into rounds, 1/4 inch thickness
2 cups malt vinegar
Extra virgin olive oil
Kosher Salt
1/2 cup sour cream
Couple dashes of hot sauce
1. In a small pot, combine the potato slices and vinegar. Bring to a boil, then lower the heat and simmer until fork-tender, about 8 minutes. Let cool in liquid for 30 minutes. Drain well and pat potatoes dry with paper towels.
2. Preheat the broiler with a rack about 6 inches below the heat source. Dump the potato slices onto a sheet pan, sprinkle very generously with olive oil, salt and pepper, and toss to coat. Arrange the potato slices in a single layer. Broil until lightly browned on top, about 7 minutes. Then flip the slices and broil until the underside is lightly browned, about 5 minutes more. 

3. Combine the sour cream and hot sauce in a bowl and stir. Serve with warm potatoes. 
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{Rompers and pigtails!}

My little honey turned 15 months last week. What a sweet girl she is and what a wonderful month we had.

Juliet had some very exciting milestones this month:

She got 3 new teeth! Her first two bottom teeth appeared back in December and then nothing for 5 months. We could see that teeth wanted to pop through on the top but instead she had bumpy gums for a long time. Then all of the sudden three came through in a matter of a couple days. She looks so much older with her top teeth! Luckily teething doesn’t seem to bother her much and just resulted in a few wake-ups at night, but nothing major.

Juliet has been much more verbal lately and has been learning more words. She picked up on Erik and I telling Kody to “get down” off our counters when he jumps up and suddenly one day she mimicked us and said “get down!”, even down to the tone all while pointing and shaking her finger. Oh my goodness. It was the cutest thing. And now she does it every time she sees the cat. Over and over and over.  She also started saying “uh oh”, “more”, “hi” (this was from last month but I finally heard it this month) and more words I’m sure I’m forgetting. She is constantly babbling. I just love it.

Juliet has been testing her boundaries and limits and displaying her independence with Erik and I lately. Mostly it’s been in the form of throwing food on the floor during meal times. She’s still a very good eater, but when she’s had enough to eat she’ll start dropping handfuls of food. She does this while staring right at us, as if testing us. We try to distract her and/or we take her tray away. Erik has attempted sternly saying “no” but I don’t think she is quite old enough to understand that and even if she is, she blatantly ignores him. I’m sure there is much more of this to come…

She took her first unassisted steps! Erik and I were sitting about 5 feet apart and asked her to “walk to momma” and “walk to dada”, then one day she took about 4 steps forward and launched into my arms with a big smile while we clapped and cheered. That was 3 weeks ago and we haven’t made much progress since. We practice walking a few steps everyday but she doesn’t seem to want to make it her main mode of transportation quite yet.

Happy 15 months to my talkative, happy, sweet, beautiful little love. I love you so.


{Photo via my Instagram @eatdrinkpretty}

Mom brain is real right now. I’ve always been a pretty organized person but lately I’ve been doing things, forgetting things…things that make me feel like I’m losing my mind.

For example:

I’ve forgotten my laptop at home multiple times, only realizing it when I’ve gotten to work and went to check my e-mail
I’ve forgotten my wallet more times than I can count
I’ve put condiments that belong in the fridge in the cupboards, finding them days later
I’ve put a bag of frozen peas in the silverware drawer, and found it the next day

and the kicker…

Last Friday I got off the train and walked to the parking lot to get into my car. I couldn’t find it. Then I remembered that I drove that day. My car was in a parking ramp downtown Minneapolis. I almost lost it. Almost. Then I called Erik and he was super cool and understanding and calmed me down and thank goodness for him.

I’m sure there are many more examples I’m forgetting.

What is the deal with mom brain? Is it temporary? UH.

I know I’m not the only one…my good friend at work has done the whole “drive to work, forget and take the bus home” scenario multiple times. I mean…there is even a Laughing Cow Cheese commercial about it, isn’t there?

Anyway, luckily I haven’t dropped the ball on anything important at work and everything I’ve forgotten or did has been relatively trivial, so that’s good. It’s still damn annoying.

What is your experience with mom brain? What kinds of crazy things have you done?


Right now Erik and I are winding down after a busy day. We are watching old seasons of Mad Men and  lounging on the couch. It is a good end to a great day.

Mother’s Day is really special. I love having a day to celebrate my love for my daughter and to share with my mom how much I love her and how awesome she is. Not that we shouldn’t do these things everyday. We should and for the most part, I do. The photo above is with my mom. Many people have commented that Juliet and my mom look alike. They adore each other and it is really sweet.
On Mother’s Day I get breakfast made for me plus all the dishes get done. Erik made hash browns, pancakes, eggs and bacon. We also had (non-alcoholic) mimosas. Juliet ate a whole pancake! After breakfast Erik and I went to church and then had my family over for lunch. I was hoping we could have a picnic like last year, but it was pretty chilly in MN today, so we kept the party indoors.

We ate artichoke dip, sandwiches, salads, fruit, chips and strawberry angel food cake.

We had a fun time with the family, laughing at toddlers saying funny things and marveling at their cuteness. By the way, Juliet says “get down” now. She picked it up from me always yelling at the cat to “get down!” when he jumps up on the counter and table. She even started wagging her little finger. It’s pretty amazing hearing her little toddler voice using multiple words.
Artichoke dip and Juliet with aunt Chris. Let’s just say Juliet was not quite Miss Photogenic today.Me and my girlie. I love her so much.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all your mommas out there!!!