Rosie at 8 months

My Rosie girl is growing up at the speed of light. I can’t slow it down despite how much I try to take in each moment and study every inch of her adorable little face, down to her long lashes. I’m going to break up her posts into her 8 and 9 month updates and then will be back with a 10 and 11 month update. And before I know it, she will be one. I mean…I’m already pinning things on her secret first birthday board. Gah, I can’t handle that she’s almost one.

Months 8 and 9 got a bit crazy around here because it was around the time where we no longer had a nanny and Rosie went to daycare for the first time. I’ve been back to work since early April, but we were lucky enough to have my mom watch Rosie for 9 weeks until the summer when we got a nanny for both girls. We go to an amazing in-home daycare provider (who we LOVE and Juliet has been there since she was 6 months) and she closes each summer. She follows the school district calendar and has four kids of her own, so having the summer off allows her to be with her kiddos and also gives her a bit of a break so she’s refreshed to begin again each September. Luckily for the summer I found a wonderful nanny (my best friend’s cousin who I’ve known since she was a little girl) and she worked out awesome. The girls really loved her and she had a car so she was able to take them to play dates, the zoo, the park, picnics, etc. This made me super happy. And best part of all with a nanny is not having to do drop off and pick-up everyday. It was so, so amazing and made the transition back to work easier.

Fast forward to September and daycare started for both girls. Turns out drop-off and pick-up with two girlies is a bit harder than one. I mean…duh, of course it is. But honestly until early September when daycare began I really thought to myself often, two kids is a piece of cake!  Once the routine of daycare came into play and having to get two girls dressed, diapers bags packed, bottles poured, etc and get them both out of the house (while also getting myself ready) was when things hit me and I realized, whoa I have two kids and this is not easy! What made it harder was the fact that Erik and I switch off days for drop off and pick-up so the days I have drop-off Erik leaves super early for work so I’m alone. It’s not impossible, but some days are pretty hard. Those are the days when Rosie is a bit fussy in the mornings and Juliet is moving super slowly and not being the best listener. Add in being sleep deprived and once I get the girls dropped off and get to work I’m exhausted! Those days I need all the coffee!


Rosie at 9 months  

But while some days were harder, of course we have awesome days too and overall, any day with my girls is a wonderful day. I just love them both so much. Despite the transition into daycare being a bit difficult in September, we really did have a lovely couple months.

And we had some really big milestones for Rosie too!

She got her two bottom teeth (at almost 9 months), which was a bit of a surprise for us because Juliet was a very late teeth grower. She didn’t get teeth until she was almost 11 months. And the differences don’t stop there. Rosie was a very fussy teether that week her teeth came in. I know this is pretty much the norm but most babies but Juliet was never bothered by teething so again I was a bit surprised. It was a tough week with teething and I think she had a cold that week as well. Oh my little Rosie. It’s so true what people say, each kiddo is different.

Rosie started crawling at 9 months. She never really did the worm/scoot thing like Juliet did, she just wait straight to crawling. Having a mobile baby all of the sudden was a game changer. We put the pack n play in our master bathroom so she hangs out in there when I shower and get ready. She doesn’t love that though, she wants to get out and about. She loves crawling and always has a big, proud smile on her face.

Solids went ok in months 8 and 9. Rosie ate pretty well but still got most of her nutrition from breastmilk. She did a lot of purees (a blend of store bought pouches and homemade purees stored in Little Green Pouches).  At about 8 months we started giving her puffs and then at 9 months we were giving her more variety of small pieces of table foods. She continued to eat fruit (like bananas and strawberries) with the baby led weaning approach picking the whole thing up and eating it. Her favorite foods during this time were strawberries, bananas, puffs, and peas. She likes breastfeeding the best though and so do I!

Sleep. Oh sleep. Where do I begin? Months 8 and 9, Rosie continued to be in our bed but as she became mobile and crawling it started getting hard. I still loved having my babe in bed right next to me, but none of us were getting great sleep. And I knew it needed to be a matter of time before we got really serious about crib boot camp. It didn’t happen during these months though. A typical night went like this:

Breastfed and laid Rosie down around 7. She would wake up 1-3 times until about 10pm when I would give up and bring her into bed with me.

She would sleep in bed with me until 6 when we woke up and would typically wake up to nurse anywhere from 2-4 times a night from 10-6. Whew. I was so damn tired for (what felt like) a long time. Typing this months later though…it is all so damn worth it. I’d give up sleep a million times over in exchange for those sweeet baby days.

Here are some of my favorite memories from these couple of months:

– the Pizza Farm in Prescott, WI

– having the day off work and taking my girls to the donut shop and zoo

– a fun adventure taking the train downtown to Smack Shack for lobster rolls (the train broke down and we had to be transferred to a bus, it was a long ride)

– a trip to the Apple Orchard

– walking around 50th/France and having pizza with my good friend Jill and her little boy

– having the girlies all to myself all Labor Day weekend when Erik was at a bachelor party. We went to a  splash pad on a hot day and had so much fun

– each and every breastfeeding session. I’ve loved breastfeeding this sweet girl just as much as I did her older sister.

Rosie was such a sweet love during these months. I enjoyed them to the very fullest. Momma loves you forever and ever my darling Rosie girl.