These fall weekends are all about cozy baking, lots of quality time with my family, and coffee. Always lots of coffee. Last weekend Juliet and I did a really easy ghost craft made with coffee filters to add some Halloween pizazz to our home. My original thought was to string them up and make a banner, but I thought they looked cute standing on the foyer table (plus it was easier and faster this way).

I also made a homemade pumpkin spice latte, which was delicious, and dare I say, even better than the coffee shop variety. And healthier, too, much less sugar. I made the latte using Lavazza espresso and it was awesome. I eat (and drink) pumpkin everything at least until Thanksgiving, sometimes even Christmas and these pumpkin spice lattes are going to become a new addition to my weekend routine.

This is my last post of my Lavazza partnership. Be sure to check out my earlier three posts here, here, and here. I’ve really enjoyed this partnership and have honestly become a loyal Lavazza coffee drinker in the process. It’s the only kind of coffee we brew at home. I buy the packages three at a time. This is also because in our sleep-deprived state we can’t risk not having coffee in the house. We literally never leave the house in the mornings with our mugs filled to the brim. Even my husband who used to not be a huge coffee drinker.

I always notice when restaurants serve Lavazza, I think to myself, they know what’s up.


I don’t always have whipped cream with my pumpkin spice latte but when I do I thoroughly enjoy it


A little ghostie peeking out


Juliet, Erik, and I also made this carrot cake with cream cheese frosting together last weekend. It has 4 cups of shredded carrots in it, which makes it so moist and basically just perfect. It’s the best carrot cake recipe I’ve ever made. Juliet’s favorite type of cake is carrot cake and she asks for it all the time. Whenever we shop at Target she runs off to the bakery and finds the carrot cake and yells “CARROT CAKE”. Every once in a while we indulge her and let her buy the cute, round cake with carrot frosting on top. But I prefer to make it homemade whenever possible.


The ghosts are easy peasy. Supplies needed:

Coffee filters and a black marker

Form a ghost shape and make two eyes and a mouth with the marker (I used a water bottle to place the filter on top of to help form the shape).


I finished off the latte with a little dash of pumpkin spice.


When Juliet and I were making the ghosts we kept on saying “booooooooo” and she would giggle and giggle.



You can get really fancy and make a double layer cake instead of a flat cake. I prefer the easier method although Erik is really good at frosting double layer cakes. Maybe next time.




We dug into the cake and it was delicious.

Click here for the recipe I used to make the pumpkin spice latte (note, I make my latte unsweetened vanilla almond milk).

Click here for the carrot cake recipe.

Disclosure: this post was sponsored by Lavazza and is a part of an annual Lavazza Passionista partnership I have with them. All opinions are my own.