6 months

Rosie girl 6 months

I’m so behind. No big surprise. So I thought I’d do a double posts that captures all things sweet Rosie as she is now 7 months now. So many milestones have occurred, so many smiles and giggles and so, so much joy.

Here is a rundown of all the exciting milestones over the past couple of months:

We started solids a little before Rosie turned 6 months. I wasn’t in a big hurry to start but she seemed very interested and ready to give some food a try. We have been doing it very slow and with no real plan. We’re doing a bit of homemade purees (can I get a hell yeah for my BlendTec?!) as well as Baby Led Weaning approach where we basically just put soft slices of food on her high chair and let her give them a try. The very first food Rosie tried with a mango slice. She was sitting on my lap and basically reached for it, so I let her suck on it. She seemed to like it. Since then she’s has many different fruits and veggies and a little oatmeal cereal. She eat bananas and strawberries and basically just squishes them in her sweet chubby hands and then brings them to her mouth and chews a bit. Sometimes she’ll hold onto a whole strawberry and take bites until it’s gone. On those strawberry days here little hands smell sweet after, sort of like cotton candy. The last time I noticed this and was kissing her hands over and over I thought to myself, I need to remember this. Here is a list of all the foods Rosie has had in the past month:

Oatmeal cereal
Sweet potatoes

At 5 months and 2 weeks Rosie rolled over for the very first time. I don’t know if this is later than average but Juliet rolled over sooner I think. And then about a month later she began rolling front to back and vice versa. And now she rolls all over the room. She can move fast too. So for now, her mode of  mobility is rolling but I doubt it will be too long before she’s scooting and then crawling.

6 months 3

Rosie girl 6 months

Two days after Rosie turned 6 months (on July 12th), she started sitting up. One day she couldn’t sit and then the next she could. This was a bit earlier than Juliet but maybe only by a week or two. Chubby, sitting Rosie is just about one of the cutest things ever.

At 6.5 months Rosie went swimming for the first time. Wow did she love it. We were in North Dakota for Erik’s family reunion and we took the girls to the public pool because it was hot hot hot for a few days. Rosie absolutely loved the water (so does her big sister) and we had a blast splashing around. Unfortunately, shortly after we got home from North Dakota Rosie got hand, foot and mouth, presumably from the pool. EW. Luckily, she only had a mild fever for a few days and on the third day we took her to the doctor and they saw blisters on her tonsils. My poor babe. Luckily she had it very mildly and was pretty much better after day 4.

6 months 2

Rosie girl 6 months

Rosie babbles all the time and I think she’s said dadadada but she isn’t making any associations yet. I doubt it will be long. I can tell she’s smart like her sister.

When Juliet turned 7 months a couple weeks ago, we decided it’s time to transition her from bedsharing to the crib. I was dreading it, but very surprisingly the transition went well the first week. She woke up a few times each night, but after nursing quick she would go right back to sleep. Then abruptly, Rosie decided she didn’t want anything to do with the crib and the next week was terrible. She was waking up 5-10 times a night before I was just so exhausted I gave up and brought her into bed with us. So I know the inconsistently is terrible when it comes to bedtime routines. I really love bedsharing so I’m second guessing if putting her in the crib at night is right for us…we will continue to figure it out. In the meantime, I am sleep deprived. Like really really tired pretty much all the time. Last week at work was especially hard…sitting in meetings and forcing myself to concentrate meanwhile wondering if I was losing my mind from the lack of sleep. It’s been a bit better the past couple days. But regardless, the struggle at bedtime coupled with trying to go to bed at a decent times leaves me with absolutely no time for myself or time with Erik. Like none. I know it’s a phase so I try not to dwell too much because I know how quickly this sweet girl of mine is going to be a toddler. And I’m not ready for that. At all. Right now she is just this beautiful, chubby, sweet and happy baby. I am so, so in love with her. When I wake in the morning I pick her up and revel that it seems that she literally grew overnight. She’s getting so big that when she nurses I feel like she’s splayed so long across me. I remember when just a few short months ago she was a teeny tiny newborn that bit right on my chest.

Rosie still loves breastfeeding and it is our special time to connect after a long day a part. It’s our time together each weekend…like 10 times a day. I let her nurse and nurse and nurse and then nurse some more. During the day. At night. Anytime she wants. We love it. It’s such a special bond and I won’t be surprised when she’s 2 and still nursing. Especially if she is my last baby. But that’s still a debate that Erik and I continue to have.

7 months 3

7 months

Rosie girl 7 months

But when it comes to Rosie, I can’t even explain the immense joy she brings me simply by being Rosie. She is so damn happy, that girl. She is smiling almost 99% of the time. And often it’s a huge open-mouthed smile. Being around her just makes you feel happy. I know Erik feels it to. Juliet was such a sweet baby too, but she was nowhere near as smiley as Rosie. I can’t get enough. I just want to eat her up. Her sweet, chunky writs, her downy hair. Sigh. She is amazing.

7 months 2

Rosie girl 7 months

Happy 6 and 7 months my darling Rosie-girl.