Well, all I can say is OOPS. I am posting Rosie’s 5 month post a whole month late. She actually turns 6 months on Friday. Oh my gosh, how could it be?! But despite my major lack of posting, I fortunately captured the photos on time, so Rosie had just turned 5 months in these photos and was more adorable than ever.


Months 4 to 5 actually weren’t too eventful in terms of milestones for Rosie. She continued to have bottle issues, but luckily there was improvement over the month. These 4ish weeks were spent with my mom (Grandma Connie) while Erik and I were at work, and she worked hard to get Rosie more comfortable with bottles everyday. She also held Rosie for almost all naps because Rosie continued to not be a huge fan of the crib. Needless to say she was quite spoiled by Grandma (though I don’t really think you can truly spoil a baby). I love that she was held for her naps and loved so much by grandma.


Rosie continued to be just a happy girl. She smiled all the time this month. She became so much more interactive and vocal. Always squealing and many giggles. Her love of big sister Juliet was so apparent and nothing makes me happier.

Some highlights of this month included:

– Cabin weekend with my family over Memorial Weekend, lazy boat rides and tons of attention from family

– Rosie’s first festival at Grand Old Day in St. Paul. We had a lovely breakfast at one of my favorite cafes and then watched a parade and walked around on a hot day. Rosie slept in the Becco the whole time.

– A fun Rock the Barn event at a nature center by our home. We watched big sister dance the evening away to live music as the sun set. It was a gorgeous evening and a sweet memory with my two girls.

Breastfeeding is still a favorite of both Rosie and mine. As is bedsharing….it works well for us and allows me to get decent sleep. I’m not looking forward to having to do the crib transition at all.

Speaking of sleep…I am happy to report that my total sleep deprivation that I experienced between months 3 and 4 got so much better the next month. Either I was actually sleeping better at night or my body just adjusted. I think it was a blend of both.

My last monthly post for Rosie definitely outlined some challenges. I hadn’t acclimated back into work. I was tired as hell. I was very unkind to myself and had really unrealistic expectations of how quickly I needed to be back up to speed and operating at 100% once I went back to work. But the truth was it took me longer then 6 or 7 or even 8 weeks to feel really and truly back into the swing of things at work. I realize that now.

Things are great at work now, mostly. It feels good working and being productive and my job is pretty great. It’s busy though, and it is hard balancing a demanding job with two kiddos. I still get tired. But I drink a second coffee in the afternoons and it helps (but I’ve never needed that second cup until having a second baby). I can’t wait to get home to my kiddos. And I do miss them a lot while I’m away. The days when I have to work after the girls go to bed are hard. But I can’t complain much, my work/life balance is actually pretty good.

More than anything though, I know how blessed I am to have my Rosie-girl. I love her so damn much. Happy 5 months my sweet darling.

I’ll be back to update on Rosie’s 6 month soon!