Rosie 3 month - compressed

I am so behind on Rosie’s 3 month update. She turned 3 months on April 10th, which was also the week I went back to work. So needless to say, things were a bit busy, emotional and I was just tired. Sooooo tired that week. Thank goodness for coffee.

Going back to work has been pretty good. Rosie is with my mom full time until the summer, so that brings me so much peace of mind knowing that she is with grandma. My mom watched Juliet when I went back to work, too. I’m so thankful.

Rosie’s third month was really great all around. But especially when it came to sleep. Pretty much right after she turned 2 months, Rosie started sleeping amazing. Like through the night amazing. There were many nights that she would sleep from 8 or 9 until 6 the next morning. She is still in our room, sleeping in the co-sleeper and our bed and I would wake up every few hours and stare at her and wonder, how is she not waking up to eat?! Once I became comfortable that she actually just is a rockstar sleeper I would relax and sleep, too. Those were glorious nights and I didn’t take them for granted. She’s regressed a bit now that I’ve gone back to work, so she’s waking up a couple times throughout the night, which honestly isn’t a big deal. Juliet never slept through the night until she was 14 months, so that is more what I was expecting. I think Rosie will go back to sleeping a bit better once she is used to the new routine with me being back to work.

Rosie has gone through most of the normal 3 month milestones. I looked back at Juliet’s 3 month update and they are very similar. Rosie’s head control has gotten pretty good. She still has some work to do but she doesn’t like tummy time so we don’t push it. Her hair continues to grow straight up with the front still being more bald than the rest. Juliet and Rosie’s 3 month hair style are similar and I couldn’t love it more.

Rosie 3 months - compressed 2

I made the mistake of taking her photos when she was tired so she was giving up absolutely no smiles.

That last month of maternity leave with Rosie was really wonderful. I just love maternity leave with my babies so much. Lounging on the couch, breastfeeding every 30 minutes if she wanted to….the occasional lunch with girlfriends and their babies. So many cuddles. Taking naps. Being lazy together. Typing this right now is making me tear up a bit because I miss my time with her so much. I told Erik this evening that Mondays are really hard, I miss her the most on Mondays. I realized that in the past 2 weeks that I’ve been back to work, I’ve spent 90 hours less with her than the previous two weeks. So much time. Uh, just breathe……

I’ve done the whole going back to work thing once before, so it’s not like this is the first time for me. But it’s still hard. Plus, it doesn’t help that my brain feels fuzzy and I’m definitely not quite operating at 100% at work yet. I’ll get there. This will be the new normal, but it’ll take a few more weeks I think.

Rosie 3 months - compressed 3

My Rosie is just so sweet. That’s really how I would describe her in one simple word. Sweet. So, so very sweet. She is such an easy going little baby. She smiles all the time. I can usually capture smiles on camera so easily. She smiles when I kiss her on the cheek. She smiles when she breastfeeds. She smiles when she sleeps. She smiles at her sister and daddy. And now that she’s with grandma all day, she gets a lot of smiles too.

I love my Rosie girl’s smiles so much.

Rosie 3 months compressed 3

See? I told you she was tired.

My sweet, special Rosalyn, you have made me one happy momma. I have 2 little girls! How did I ever get so lucky?! I appreciate each moment with both daughters. Erik and I always talked about having 2 kiddos and then we planned on being done. If anything though, having such an easy, happy and sweet baby has made me want more and more babies. This terrifies Erik a bit. I don’t really know if we will have any more kiddos, but I sure do love the baby phase. I am like…addicted to my Rosie and her sweetness. And I know it just keeps getting better and better. She is so interactive already, smiling and cooing and laughing and playing. It’s so fun being with her. I could go on. But really the bottom line is..holy shit I love this girl.

Happy 3 months Rosie.