Recipe by Chef JJ Johnson. Photo credit: Pork Be Inspired

This is my third and final post for my partnership with the National Pork Board. Remember the amazing cheesy maple bacon cajun pulled pork sandwich that they had literally delivered to my door for lunch? That, my friends, was a great day.  As a reminder, The National Pork Board partnered with a data company to analyze 30 million social media posts to discover what makes up the ultimate American meal. Based on the social media posts shared the National Pork Board revealed that nearly half of socially shared food content included smoked, hot and spicy flavors paired with popular proteins, while the most common ethnic flavor was Cajun – with Mexican and Asian close behind.

Inspired by that delicious pork sandwich, I came up with my own rendition of a pork mashup sandwich, this savory, spicy, cheesy and oh so yummy pork tenderloin grilled cheese with hot peppers. My husband and I ate spicy pork grilled cheese for lunch for 3 days straight.

The National Pork Board also worked with Chef JJ Johnson who created a Pork Suya with Kimchi. Truth time, as a part of this partnership, I was not required to recreate this dish, but once I saw the recipe I hoped to make it last weekend as a nice dinner for Erik and I, after the girls were in bed. I was especially excited to try making the Suya, which is a traditional West African spice rub.

Then life took over and my 11 week old baby girl was particularly needy last week (wanted to be held 100% of the time) and I barely showered let alone made it to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients. So I’m bummed I haven’t made it yet, but I definitely plan to. My good friend Libby absolutely loves Kimchi and my other friend Emily recently sent me a recipe that involved pork tenderloin with sauerkraut on top, which sounds really darn good. I’m a big fan of savory, pickled goodness. So is Erik. He would absolutely love this dish.

I go back to work on Monday and then we will be back in a more consistent routine. Then I’ll be able to get this meal on the table. And when I do I promise to take some photos and share with you all. I mean…how many people can say they’ve made their own homemade kimchi?

Be sure to check out this video of JJ Johnson (the Chef de Cuisine at The Cecil in Harlem) preparing the Pork Suya with Kimchi. I love seeing the preparation of the Suya and hearing the chef talk excitedly about the bold flavors. This is a not to miss recipe for sure.

For more delicious pork recipes head over to Pork Be Inspired. With Easter right around the corner there are plenty of awesome Ham recipes to wow your guests:

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There are also great recipe ideas for how to use leftover ham (like this breakfast ham focaccia).

Hungry yet?!

Thanks to the National Pork Board for the partnership opportunity!

Disclosure: this is a paid partnership with the National Pork Board. All opinions are my own.