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Momma, my moccs are falling off!

Our Rosalyn turned 2 months yesterday. It’s been such a wonderful 2 months. The second month even better than the first, though I’m not even sure how that’s possible. Our little Rosie-girl started sleeping much better at night in the past couple weeks. She gave us the first 4 hour stretch and has now been doing 4 and 5 hour stretches pretty regularly (and even a 6 hour stretch the other night!!). Oddly enough, when she first started sleeping more (meaning I was sleeping more), I actually felt more tired for a couple days. My body was adjusting or something like that. But the past week I’ve had tons of energy, and have even started having dreams at night. I think I was dreamless for the first month and a half because I never entered into a deep sleep. Switching from half caffeinated coffee to full caffeinated also helped. Full caffeinated coffee is truly a wonderful thing.

I’ve been in sort of a dreamy state loving on my baby the past couple months. I really adore this newborn, little baby stage. Rosie continues to be really easy, with a tiny bit of fussiness in the evenings. It’s nothing breastfeeding and a tight wrap in the Moby can’t conquer. She’s a dream to take out. I’ve had many lunches with girlfriends and she just sleeps right through them or sits quietly in my arms. We’ve had our fair share of getting out of the house. We did a class of momma/baby yoga at 6 weeks, once I was cleared to exercise and in the past week we’ve started going on walks outside (because we’ve hit 60 degrees in Minnesota and it’s soooo amazing!).

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Such a smiley girl!

I have 3.5 weeks left of maternity leave. Of course it’s going by fast, but I’ve been uber-conscious of each minute and have really been enjoying the time with Rosie. I’m soaking her in each second. I hold her way too much….except there isn’t really such thing as holding your baby too much. We bedshare every night. She is my side-kick and I intend to hold her every minute until I go back to work. I’ll be ok going back to work. I’ve done it before and know what to expect. And my mom will be watching Rosie full time until early June (she also watched Juliet when I went back to work for 3 months) and so I know she’ll be in great hands.

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Shoes for babies are totally ridiculous. But so darn cute. But impractical. I justify these because they were on super sale at Baby Gap.

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I sort of don’t believe the scale at the dr. at Rosie’s 2 month appt. It said she’s 11 lbs 3 oz but she seems so much bigger. I mean…that double chin!

Rosie loves:

When her big sister Juliet tickles her and rocks her


Being worn in the Moby, Becco and Sakura Bloom

Her daddy! He gets more smiles then the rest of us.


Rosie doesn’t like:

Being set down, ever.


Her car seat

Tummy time

Happy 2 months sweet little Rosie. Your mommy, daddy and big sister Juliet adore you so much!