This post has been in my drafts for a while and I was just never able to get around to finishing it. Well now Rosalyn is here and we are enjoying her nursery so much. I love how light, simple and sweet it is.

I thought I’d post the inspiration first, and then do a follow-up post with the actual nursery. If you’ve been following on Instagram you’ve seen a few peeks at her nursery there.

Let me preface this post by saying that I’m not really into home décor/design. The rest of my house is pretty drab. I hate spending money on furniture and décor because I never know exactly what I want and when it comes to the family room, living room, dining room, etc…I just lack vision. The exception in my house is with my girls’ rooms. When I begin dreaming of their rooms I definitely have a vision, and I find it pretty easy to bring it to life and also keep it pretty budget friendly. So their rooms are pretty much the only rooms in our home that I am proud of and really love. The rest is fine, but just not designed/styled very well.

Rosalyn is 2 weeks old, and has continued being an easy, sweet baby. I plan to do monthly posts for her just as I did for Juliet, it wouldn’t be fair to her if I didn’t, would it?!

So back to her nursery…I fell in love with the idea of painting a mint accent wall. Once it was painted I loved the color so much I wanted to paint the entire room mint. But that got vetoed by Erik so we stuck with just one wall. I wanted the room to be really light, so we kept the rest of the color on her walls the soft tan that was in Juliet’s nursery. Juliet’s nursery was very feminine and shabby chic inspired, so I wanted to go a completely different route for my Rosie-girl. I went with a whimsical look, with a few main touches like the gold hearts and the tassel garland. They made a big impact and made the room Rosie’s own. The rest of the furniture was hand-me-down from Juliet. This helped keep the budget down by repurposing those elements.

The nursery came together exactly as I imagined it would, and like I mentioned, I really love it. I plan to do a full post with photos of her nursery in the next week.


1. Cloud mobile (I haven’t bought this and am debating whether or not I need it. I’m not sure where it would go…)

2. Wood pendant light (quite possibly my favorite element of the room)

3. Love print

4. Let Her Sleep print

5. Gold mirror

6. Tassel banner

7. Cloud pillow (Even though this didn’t break the bank, I still considered it a bit of a splurge because it was totally unnecessary, but it adds to the whimsical nature of the room and I’m glad I got it).

8. Heart decals (admittedly a big project to take on, about 6-8 hours worth…but totally worth it)

9. Glider

10. Jenny Lind crib