Well…10 months later I am finally posting Juliet’s Dreamy, Clouds 2nd birthday party. So much has happened since this party and life got really busy (new job, a pregnancy, etc) and every time I thought about posting the party I got overwhelmed because of how long I knew it would take. So instead, this is going to be mostly a photo most, with some thoughts and details about her party.

I loved this party. It was dreamy and beautiful and white and light and totally my style but also borrowing from the sweetness that is my daughter. I knew this would be the last party that I can fully influence because after 2, I assumed (correctly) that Juliet would have her own opinions about what type of party she would want. And with 3 approaching soon, she definitely knows she wants a Peppa Pig party. And I’m happy to give her that and include all the special touches I would have had I chosen the theme myself.

Before getting into all the details I will say that this party was a huge success because all our family and close friends were able to attend and everyone had a good time and enjoyed themselves. The food was great and children were happy.

The color palette for dreamy, clouds was gold and white. It was pretty much as it was called….very dreamy with lots of cloud decor. I was browsing Pinterest one day and got the inspiration from baby’s breath floral garlands I saw little girls wearing as bridesmaids dresses and just sort of went from there. I had a lot of gold accents from Juliet’s Love-themed party the year before and I’m all about repurposing elements to save on costs. I also planned to decorate the mantle above our fireplace with prints and frames I knew we could reuse at some point.


When guests arrived, they were greeted with a favor table. We had a couple of really wonderful party favors to hand out to the little ones. We had a 4-pack of Little Green Pouches (which we adore and use often for Juliet) and a HABA Little Hand puzzle (we love HABA products and this puzzle is no exception, Juliet plays with it daily).

Thanks so much to Little Green Pouch and HABA for providing the favors!



I adored Juliet’s party dress, which I found at Old Navy for only $21 and shoes from Target that were sparkly gold and completely perfect. Her dress looked like a puffy little cloud and she looked just adorable.

I also made Juliet a baby’s breath floral garland to wear on her head and I was 99% sure she wouldn’t keep it on but she actually did. The garland was really easy and only took about 20 minutes to make (I loosely followed this tutorial).



I loved this white balloon cloud that was hung above the beverage table. My mother-in-law, Karen helped me construct the whole thing. I got the inspiration from Pinterest and then once we figured it out the whole thing only took about 40 minutes to string together.


We had a coffee bar set up with our Keurig and kept it pretty simple. We also served lemonade, water and wine.



I displayed a welcome sign and dream quotes around the party using these pretty (and super affordable) Ikea frames.


All of the candy (gumballs, sixlets and pearls) were sponsored by Sweet Works. Their selection is awesome, they have every color you can imagine and candy is affordable. It makes the perfect addition to your dessert table.


I can’t believe how much Juliet has grown since turning 2. She is such a big girl now. She couldn’t have looked cuter this day. Or been more happy and sweet. She loved having a party, loved having her family and friends there. Seeing her enjoying her party and so happy was the best thing ever.


Oh my…at 2 she still had a little baby face!


Juliet wore those shoes exactly once. Good thing they were not expensive and that she had a little sister on the way that can wear them at some point.


I kept flowers simple with bunches of baby’s breath all around the party in mason jars and an assortment of vases.



One of my favorite details of the party was the mantle. I made the Dream Big, Little one sign which was inspired by a sign my sister-in-law made (which she found on Pinterest) and it was pretty easy. I used a blank canvas and white, wood letters from Michaels. I planned on spray painting the sign gold but decided I liked it white. I will be re-purposing this sign for the baby’s nursery.


I found prints on Etsy that I paid to download and then printed at Office Max and displayed in a simple white frame. I actually don’t know where this print went but I need to find it because it would be perfect for the baby’s nursery.



The cloud garland was super easy using my Cricut (I purchased a cartridge that had clouds on it) and then punched holes and strung them on gold string.


With a lot of little ones coming to the party I wanted to have a little kid’s food display with appetizers. The party was at 3 so we served appetizers (as well as desserts).

On the kid’s menu:

Mini mac and cheese bites

Animal crackers

Fruit cups


Carrots and hummus

Peach smoothies

Apple juice






We also served heavy appetizers for adults (and of course, children could eat anything that was served at the party so many had food from this menu as well).

I kept food fairly simple and did a blend of homemade and Trader Joes appetizers.

On the menu:

Pasta salad

Fruit salad

Mini quiche bites

Lemongrass chicken roll-ups

Feta cheese and caramelized onion tarts

Veggies and Hummus

Cheese, meat and baguette






Juliet-100 Juliet-101


Oh the dessert table. What a dreamy site it was…I truly loved all these beautiful details. My husband Erik has a colleague that makes and sells cakes as a side gig and she made this gorgeous cloud chocolate cake plus all the cupcakes.



I absolutely adored this beautiful cake topper made by my sister-in-law, Nikki.


As a backdrop I covered a piece of white tagboard with gold, sparkly fabric and hand-cut felt clouds.


I made mini gold cloud cupcake toppers using the Cricut and toothpicks. Easy.



I was really happy with all the printable items I got custom made from Etsy seller Grace and Guy Paperie. I sent her my Pinterest board for inspiration and she created something that I loved with the first draft.


Meringues look like little clouds, don’t they?



To top off the party, we had a photo slideshow of Juliet’s second year and opened gifts with a very happy little girl. She squealed and laughed and had the best time.

Juliet, I hope you loved your 2nd year birthday party as much as I loved planning and throwing it for you. I can’t wait to make number 3 just as wonderful.

You are my little dream come true. 


Photography: Callie V Photography 

Invitations/placecards/printables – Etsy seller Grace and Guy Paperie

Cake and cupcakes – coworkers of Jenna’s husband

Candy (gumballs, pearls, and sixlets) – Sweet Works

Appetizers – Trader Joes or homemade

Favors – Little Green Pouch and HABA Little Hand puzzle

Juliet’s dress – Old Navy

Juliet’s shoes – Target

Juliet’s baby’s breath floral headband – DIY by Jenna

Dream Big, Little One sign – DIY by Jenna

Keep Calm and Dream On printable download – Etsy 

Cloud garland – DIY by Jenna (cut using the Cricut)

Dream Big, Little One cake topper – Lovely Scribbles