As a self-proclaimed foodie….which to me, just means that I have a passion for cooking and food, I can spend endless hours scouring the web looking for inspiration for my next meal (or more recently with pregnancy cravings, my next cookie, cake, donut…any dessert really….just gimme sugar!) 

I’ve recently been excited to discover Yahoo! Food (I’ve already spend way too much time obsessing over what I want to recreate next from their site). The site has a ton of gorgeous photos, great recipes, stories on top food trends, new techniques and my favorite, the cook this tonight section that has inspiring recipes with tons of options for meal ideas (I was perusing this section and that’s where I found this peas and parsley recipe).

Lately I’ve been cooking more and being really deliberate about meal planning for the week. I take about 30 minutes every weekend to sit down with a notebook and my laptop or phone and peruse the web and make a list of about 3 meals for the week. We don’t ever need more than 3 because we love leftovers. Then I make a grocery list and head to the store. I try to go without my toddler in tow because let’s be real, shopping is a bit more enjoyable alone.

Having home-cooked meals and sitting around the dinner table with my family each evening is really important to me, because my mom did the same every day growing up. And each evening when I’ve finished cooking and we sit down together, I silently thank my mom for creating those memories for my siblings and I. And I hope I’m doing the same for Juliet.  IMG_2462

The recipes on Yahoo! Food range from easy to more challenging so there is a little something for everyone from the amateur cook to the more experienced.


I was inspired by this pea and parsley pesto because while everyone seems like they are talking about fall, it was still very much summer in MN last weekend. The weather was gorgeous, perfect and I felt like we enjoyed it to the fullest. And in honor of that gorgeous summer weekend, I wanted to make a dish that evoked that same summery feeling. And with an abundance of fresh parsley growing in my potted herbs (thanks to my mother-in-law for planting those earlier this summer!) I knew this dish would be a home run. 

And I was right. Fresh, light, summery pasta. This dish was as delicious as it was gorgeous. 

Be sure to check out Yahoo! Foods for this pea and parsley pesto recipe in a post by Julia Bainbridge as well as many other recipes for inspiration for your next meal. 

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