Warm summer days are so limited in MN. We wait all winter for warmth and when it’s finally here, I try my best to embrace it and allow Juliet to enjoy and soak in every precious minute. For I know all too well that winter rolls back around quickly. You know what I love so much about summer? No jackets, boots, mittens, and hats. To get Juliet out of the house without having to fuss with all of that is so nice. It’s freeing. And I know she feels that way too.

So on these warm days, as soon as we get home from daycare/work, we run outside as fast as we can. We run around the yard, play hide and seek, laugh, roll around on the grass. We eat frozen fruit bars even though dinner is not far away and it will surely ruin her appetite. I don’t care. It makes her so happy. In an ideal world, I would always make homemade frozen fruit bars, but in reality, I often have to go for convenience. So it’s a good thing there are frozen fruit bars like these Fruttare bars for us to enjoy when there is no time to fuss around with the homemade version.


We found Fruttare bars at our local Target. Juliet picked strawberry but there are a bunch of other flavors (I thought mango sounded great, too).


Fruttare frozen fruit bars are made with real fruit and juice and taste great. On a warm day they are super refreshing. And what is it about frozen fruit bars that little kids are so obsessed with? The nice thing is they are a relatively healthy snack and yet your kids think they are such a special treat.


Juliet doesn’t lick, but chomps her bar right up. She loved it. I think it took her about, oh, 2 minutes to finish the whole thing.


After our snack, Juliet wanted to “catch me” so I would run away from her and turn and snap photos as she chased me, laughing the whole time.


She found a lilac bush in our yard and leaned in to breathe it in. 


To spruce things up a bit, I poured lemonade and club soda over the frozen fruit bar and put it in a wine glass  for an adult treat. Substituting the lemonade/club soda with champagne would be a great idea, as well. Or, just adding vodka into the lemonade/club soda mix. So many options. I love the idea of adding a frozen fruit bar to your beverage. I’ve been seeing this all over Pinterest as well as Jessica from Live the Fancy Live.

I loved this drink, the frozen fruit bar adds a great, fruity flavor as well as chills the drink. Plus, it’s festive and fun, perfect for a summer BBQ.

So this is how we keep our summer days fun, bright, sun-soaked and spontaneous. Evening time with Juliet is so precious (and unfortunately limited) as a working mom. I need to see her sweet smile laughing and running and playing as much as I possibly can. Evenings like this one are simple and yet so perfect.

Happy summer (thought it’s technically not quite summer yet, right?)!

frozen strawberry lemonade sparkler
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1
  • 1 Fruttare frozen fruit bar, strawberry
  • ¾ cup lemonade
  • ¾ cup club soda (or any sparkling water)
  • Lemon wedge, optional
  1. Add the Fruttare frozen fruit bar to a wine glass.
  2. Pour in the lemonade and club soda.
  3. Garnish with a lemon wedge.
  4. Drink and enjoy.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.