Tea partyI’m having a pretty normal work week but have been catching up on sleep big time. I put Juliet to bed by reading books to her (she always insists on reading “a looooot of books”) and then I lay with her until she falls asleep. This is a habit we started when she was around one and a half and have not been able to break. I’ll try to leave before she is asleep and she’ll awake immediately and hold her arms out and say “come back” and “momma lay down!!!”. Sometimes I end of falling asleep with her and wake up around 9ish super disoriented. A few times this week I actually fell asleep and never woke up until morning. So I chalked it up to needing the sleep and appreciated those nights I got 10+ hours.

Even though this week is back to normal hours wise for work, I’m still really glad that it’s Friday. I’m so excited for the weekend. Juliet and I are having all the ladies in my family over for a tea party on Saturday morning. We can’t all be together on Mother’s Day so we are celebrating a day early.

So the tea party….well, I’m pretty excited. You all know how much I love brunch and add a tea party theme and I’m totally in my element.

We are going to keep it pretty simple with the typical tea party food/drinks and decor including:

  • Tea (different varieties with a must-have of ginger peach tea, which is my mom’s favorite)
  • Tea sandwiches (a few different kinds including cucumber sandwiches)
  • Assorted fruit
  • Mini quiche (I’ll probably prepare at least 2 different kinds, these mini quiche lorraine are delicious)
  • Blueberry baked french toast (my aunt is bringing this)
  • Mini donuts (these banana chocolate chip donuts are such delicious and healthy little bites)
  • Champagne cocktails (I’ve been looking for tea-inspired champagne cocktails, anyone have any recipes?)
  • Pretty tea cups and vintage plates
  • Lace tablecloths

I’ll probably put Juliet in a cute little dress and maybe I’ll dress up a bit, too. Tea time is traditionally a bit formal, after all.

Here is some more tea party inspiration:

A kid’s tea party lunch 
A tea party baby shower

What are your plans for Mother’s Day? I hope you all have a wondering time celebrating!