Mexican fiesta{Photos from a Mexican fiesta party I threw for my sister 4 years ago}

My younger brother, Joel and his fiance, Katie are having a co-ed shower (basically just a huge party) on Saturday with a Mexican fiesta theme. Both sides of the family are helping out to make the shower a success. Here are the items I am helping with (along with my sister):

Decorations which will include:
Papel picado
Cylinder vases with lemons and limes
Colorful flowers in Mexican soda bottles and salsa cans

Dessert which will be tres leches cake (I’ll be using this recipe from Pioneer Woman). I will be making a smaller round cake with an adorable mini papel picado cake topper (made by my sister-in-law, Nikki a few years ago for my sister Katie’s bachelorette party. She kept it so we can re-use it, yay!) as well as sheet cakes and I’ll plate each piece individually with these cute mini fiesta flags.

A piñata filled with candy including sombrero suckers

Drink dispensers filled with Strawberry Thyme Agua Fresca

Margaritas (obviously!)

It should be a great time, can’t wait! After the week I’ve had work-wise I definitely will be enjoying multiple margaritas.