Children's tea partyJuliet’s little hand sneaking food while I try to take a photo is basically her signature move

I had the day off yesterday so Juliet and I had a momma/daughter day. We got tons of snow the night before which meant no leaving the house. We didn’t leave the house at all the day before either so I was a bit worried that we would have a serious case of cabin fever. We need some ideas for things to keep us entertained.

My mom and I were texting earlier in the day and she suggested that I make Juliet a real tea party. She loves having tea parties after all and I thought it was an awesome idea. So I whipped up this little tea party which we had for lunch and it ended up being such a fun time.

I think there is a novelty for little kids to have lunch somewhere new (in our case on the kid’s table in Juliet’s playroom). At least Juliet really seemed to think it was an exciting adventure.She gobbled up almost everything I served and continuously clinked my plastic tea cup with an enthusiastic “cheers!”.
Children's tea partyTea party menu:

Heart-shaped grilled cheese tea sandwiches (tip: use coconut oil instead of butter on the bread, it makes the grilled cheese perfectly crispy and so delicious). I use heart-shaped fondant cutters which works like a charm.
Coconut flour mini banana chocolate chip muffins
Banana chocolate chip baked donuts 
Edamame and carrots with hummus
Strawberries, blackberries and grapes (not pictured)
Animal crackers

We always have a bunch of frozen baked goods which helps with quick breakfasts and snacks.
Children's tea partyLittle sweetie is quite serious about tea time. Children's tea partyI even put a white lace tablecloth on the kid’s table. This ended up being a terrible idea because Juliet got chocolate all over it. Oh well, it went straight to the washing machine.

Everything was served on pretty little plates that I found at Good Will years ago.
Children's tea partyCheers!

It was the perfect activity for a wintry day. And the best part was it didn’t require any extra effort then making a regular lunch for Juliet and yet adding this little tea party touch made it really special for her.

I thought I’d post our tea party adventure as a tip for any of you mommas with little ones (not that having a tea party is a unique idea by any means, but I never thought of whipping one up for her on a regular day like today). This would actually be a fun lunch for girlfriends as well, though you might want to swap out the grilled cheese for tea sandwiches (though who am I kidding, grilled cheese is the bomb).

Do you have any suggestions for fun activities to keep young ones entertained?