I savored every last minute of the weekend. I had to, last week at work kicked my ass hard. It was a 60+ hour week. I’ve worked in advertising for 10 years so I know long hours are common but as I get older and now with a toddler, it’s gets harder and harder. There were a couple days I didn’t see Juliet because I had to work late and I missed her bedtime (usually I work from home after she goes to bed but during really busy times I have to stay at the office). And that really sucks. Erik told me that when he was putting her down to sleep she kept saying “momma momma”. Uh.

And this week and next is going to be the same. Busy as hell. So I guess on this Sunday evening I am feeling a little negative and tired and I should be working but instead I’m blogging about work.

I have time off over Thanksgiving week and in December so I am holding onto that.

I did have a great weekend. Friday evening was a much needed girl’s night out (after Juliet’s bedtime) and I had a couple glasses of wine (I could have drank 10). Then Saturday included a big pancake breakfast with Juliet, a trip to the zoo and a Saturday afternoon filled with playing and a momma/toddler naptime (those are the best). I also made Juliet blueberry fruit snacks and she devoured them.

On Saturday evening Erik and I had a dinner party. I made this beef lasagna which is my go-to lasagna recipe. Our friends Nick and Deanna have a 2 year old and Juliet and her go to daycare together. They are friends but also typical toddlers and there was some fighting going on. During dinner they were yelling at each other “my daddy!”, “no, myyyyyy daddy!” Silly little gals. Most of the group went out after dinner and Juliet and I went to bed at 9.

Sunday included church and a lot of relaxing around the house. I made this ham, corn and cheddar chowder for dinner and Juliet loved it. She is getting really good at eating soup and yogurt with a spoon, it’s messy but she loves the independence.

After a busy weekend, Juliet was ready for bed by 6:30 this evening. Erik and I are spending the rest of the night cleaning up, doing laundry and watching Walking Dead (our favorite show).

I do plan on blogging at least once this week. I’ll be back to talk about my partnership with Aldi and my favorite products and more on my experience grocery shopping there over the past month. I admit, I am becoming an Aldi-lover like so many others.

Wish me luck in getting through the next couple weeks!