Ever since my partnership began with Aldi about a month ago, I’ve become an Aldi shopper. On the first couple trips I was learning the ropes (like how you have to put a quarter in to get a shopping cart, and how you bag your own groceries). But I’ll admit my first couple trips happened rather hurriedly. I had Juliet with me on each occasion and didn’t have time to really take in everything Aldi had to offer. 

But this last trip? Totally different story. Juliet was napping and home with Erik. I whipped up my grocery list and headed out the door. If you are a parent you’ll probably agree that grocery shopping alone is somewhat of a luxury. Without Juliet I was able to spend more time checking everything out. 

What I discovered is that Aldi carries an awesome variety organic products. And I am totally pumped about this. Ever since Juliet was 6 months and eating solids, I became much more cognizant about feeding her (plus Erik and I) healthy foods. I make it a priority to buy organic foods for Juliet (not everything) and everyone knows that buying organic can be expensive.But not at Aldi. 

On my last trip I purchased 39 items and 36% of those items were organic. Aldi carries a brand called Simply Nature and a lot of those items are organic. Here is a list of all the organic items I purchased and their corresponding price. Ready to be shocked??

Organic lentil soup – $1.99
Organic chicken tortilla soup – $1.99
Organic spaghetti noodles – $1.19
Organic tomato basil marinara sauce – $1.99
Organic frozen strawberries – $2.69
Organic salsa – $1.99
Organic balsamic vinaigrette dressing – $1.99
Organic ranch dressing – $1.99
Organic agave nectar – $2.49 (I’ve bought organic agave nectar from Target and it was $3.99)
Organic diced canned tomatoes (28 oz.) – $1.49

And yes even some produce including
Organic baby kale – $2.49
Organic Gala apples (3 lb. bag) – $3.99

My favorite products are the organic frozen strawberries and the organic kale. I literally use those items every single day in my smoothies. 
Other organic products I noticed include organic carrots, organic potatoes (plus a few other organic produce items I can’t recall at the moment).

They also carry uncured bacon (with no nitrates added). Juliet loves bacon but we don’t let her eat it unless it’s organic or nitrate free. Organic bacon is so damn expensive! But even though this Aldi bacon isn’t organic, it’s natural and nitrate free. And it only costs $3.89. I bought 3 packages of it.  Aldi carries single serve coffee cups (12 for $5.79, this is the lowest price I’ve ever seen).

Enjoying my strawberry, banana and spinach smoothie at work (made with the organic frozen strawberries I purchased at Aldi)

While I was impressed with the low prices on my first couple shopping trips, I can honestly say I was mostly excited about the low prices in combination with the organic offerings on this past Aldi experience. And now I feel like a true Aldi advocate. Because after that trip I started going around and telling all my friends, coworkers and family how awesome Aldi is and even showing the photo of all the organic products I bought that day. There is something really interesting about Aldi shoppers. If you get them talking, you will find that they don’t just shop at Aldi, they love Aldi. I got a ton of great response from Aldi lovers on my last post, in my Instagram feed and via coworkers and friends that also shop at Aldi. It’s like a secret-but-not-so-secret community of people that love Aldi. It’s sort of funny but I get it. I really do. 

Disclosure – I am participating in a sponsored brand ambassadorship with ALDI. As always, all opinions are my own.