Juliet is 20 months! I’m still behind on these monthly posts but not as behind as I was last month. Juliet turned 20 months on October 16th and whoa has this been a crazy month development-wise.

Juliet’s language has exploded. I think I mentioned in her 19 month post that she was starting to use few word sentences. That has continued in full force and she is saying lots of sentences now. She says:

“Momma doing?” (momma what are you doing?)
“Momma hold you (momma hold me)
“Get down Mo” (get down Gizmo) (my parent’s dog)
“In a highchair” (I want to get in my highchair)
“My momma”, “my dada”
“Momma read”
“Thank you”
“Shoes on”
And I’m sure a bunch of other things I’m forgetting.

Juliet is taking in so much. She is learning a ton at daycare and at home with us. She knows her numbers 1-10 and can count to 10. I’ve heard her count to 5 but Erik insists she can count to 10. She knows a few of her letters, too.

We sort of starting potty training this weekend. I haven’t had any plans for potty training but assumed we would start when Juliet turns 2. Well, my mom was babysitting Juliet on Friday and put her on the potty and she peed. So I bought her a potty chair and she has peed on it about 6 times since Saturday. She tells us when she has to go and then she goes. She enjoys it and we praise her big time but we are trying to keep it very low pressure and laid back. She seems ready but I don’t really know for sure. She still seems young to me but maybe not? I honestly have no idea what the right approach is for potty training and I think I’ll just go with the flow.

Juliet loves listening to music and clapping and dancing along when we sing. Her favorite songs are “if you’re happy and you know it” and “wheels on the bus”.

She recently learned how to say her daycare providers name, “Yara” (Sarah) and she says it all the time. Sometimes in the morning when she first gets up she calls for “Yara”. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t break my heart but at the same time I’m so glad knowing that Juliet loves her daycare provider. She is a very happy girl every morning when I drop her off and I feel so lucky about that.

Juliet’s current favorite foods are eggs, raspberries, strawberries, smoothies, peanut butter, peas, edamame and Annie’s Mac n Cheese. She also loves yogurt, hummus, carrots, crackers and the organic fruit and veggie pouches. She would suck 5 of those down a day if we let her. She is a great eater, yay!

It was yet another awesome month with my darling girl. Love you so, so much Juliet! Happy 20 months.