Friday, September 13, 2013

Sponsored post: upscale fashion brand Andrew Marc

Daphne Hobo Bag and Edible Flower Cupcakes 

Those of you that know me know that I'm really not that into fashion. I enjoy cute clothes and I try to look nice (well, most of the time anyway), but I actually hate shopping. I really mean it. I don't like shopping at all, the in-person/at-the-mall type shopping. And I NEVER try clothes on in the store. I walk in, grab whatever looks cute and is in my size, check out and I'm outta there. I never spend more than 10 minutes in any given store. Digging through racks is a nightmare for me. That's where online shopping comes in. Now that is the type of shopping I can enjoy.

I was pleasantly surprised when Andrew Marc contacted me to work together on this post. Andrew Marc is an upscale fashion brand with beautiful leather pieces and gorgeous accessories. They also have the brand Marc New York that carries a bunch of cute dresses and performance clothing. They also have free shipping, which is a must for me when it comes to online shopping. And for those of you that, unlike me, actually like to go shopping, you're in luck, these brands are sold at Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and Von Maur.

My favorite item on the site is the Daphne Hobo Bag pictured above (it's on sale!).
  Tasha trench coat and a Ginger Sparkler 

I love this trench coat. It would be perfect for the fall (or spring). But we all know what season we're currently focused on and I really think I need to retire my fall jacket. It's many years old and green/beige colored with flowers but all of Erik's friends make fun of it because it sort of looks camouflaged.  
Florence Dress and Spring Cupcakes with Sugared Flowers 

This pretty floral dress would be perfect for any warm weather occasion. And there is still a bit of summer left so check it out, it's half off. Oh and those cupcakes? I've always wanted to make cupcakes with edible flowers. I could totally picture this dress being perfect for an afternoon tea or any baby/bridal shower.
Nadia dress and Chrysanthemum Cupcake

I LOVE long dresses. I wear them to work at least once or twice a week. My coworkers comment all the time about how I'm obsessed with long (usually Maxi) dresses. What can I say? Wearing flowy dresses is basically like wearing pajamas but still looks trendy and cute.  
London Jacket and a Classic Martini 

This leather jacket is sleek and sophisticated. I could never get away with those shoes, but the jacket? Maybe. Andrew Marc originated as a leather goods label so I am sure their leather pieces are amazing.  
The Club Jenna II Watch and Pear Lemon Fizz

I couldn't resist including this watch since it's named after me. Seriously though, this watch is super cute, I love the pop of mint green. Erik is a fan of buying watches as gifts so I'll have to hint to him about this one.

Is anyone else glad it's Friday? This week was a long one, maybe that's why I included cupcakes and cocktails with this post, I could sure use both. Maybe some retail therapy would be nice as well? Of course I mean online retail therapy.

Happy shopping.

This is a sponsored post with Andrew Marc. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Ooh, what a fun post! I LOVE the mint green watch, too. Looks like good stuff all around!!

    1. Thanks Nikki! It was a fun post to write and by the end of it I had quite a few thing in the cart, now I'm just trying to figure out if I can really hit "order"! So many cute things. Enjoy Duluth this weekend and I hope the cot works out ok.

  2. I'm with you! I can't stand shopping for myself in stores. I actually do enjoy shopping for Bodhi though. Probably the lack of needing to try things on etc... is good. I dread running into stores when I need things. Yuck! Great post. That watch is gorg!