Thursday, September 26, 2013

A fall picnic

{Photo credits: Midwest Living}

I love the idea of a fall picnic. Picnics in the summertime are pretty common, but once fall's crisp weather comes around picnics sort of fall off the radar. But who says you can't bundle up in sweaters and scarves and cozy-up to an outdoor meal?

I am sooooo doing this.

I got the inspiration as I was flipping through the recent issue of Midwest Living magazine. The beautiful fall colors, the warmth of a plaid blanket-turned tablecloth, the caramel apple bar.

Yeah, a caramel apple bar. How brilliant is that?  

{Photo credits: Midwest Living}

Erik and my house is surrounded by tall trees. In the fall it is a gorgeous explosion of reds and oranges. We can picnic right in our backyard or head to a nearby park.

As far as a picnic menu, here is what I'm thinking:

Hot apple cider in thermoses
BLTs and/or caprese sandwiches wrapped in parchment paper
Mac and cheese bites (Juliet would adore these)
Kettle chips
A caramel apple bar (as shown above)

or if you wanted to go for more of a brunch-style picnic:

Coffee/tea and hot apple cider in thermoses
Individual herb and blue cheese quiche (great option because they can be served at room temperature)
Fruit salad in mason jars
Homemade pumpkin pie pop tarts

Yum. I can't wait to do this. I'm guessing a temperature of 60ish degrees or higher will be needed, especially with a toddler. The nice thing about a picnic with a little one is they can run around and you don't have to worry about them whining about being stuck in a high chair.

Have you ever been on a fall picnic?


  1. That sounds like a really good idea. I might do that next week as we have a Public Holiday here in Germany and the weather is getting cooler. Haven´t done a picnic in ages. I think the last time was with friends when i was in Australia.

    Love from germany

    1. Fun! Let me know if you end up having a fall picnic and take pictures. Are you on Instagram?

  2. This looks to cozy and inviting. I really like the use of the muffin pan for snacks. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Agree, using muffin pans is an awesome idea.

  3. Ok... I may be a moron -- but is there a link to the caramel apple bears? I went to Midwest Living site, but I didn't see it.. Help?