I’m super excited to feature this adorable bridal shower because it was submitted by one of my all-time favorite bloggers, Jenn of Much To My Delight. Jenn is an all-around super awesome person and she writes an equally awesome blog. It’s hilarious, full of yummy food, entertaining tips and stories about her life in Queens.

I recently really enjoyed following along in Jenn’s Whole 30 diet challenge and then (quite the opposite) her trip to Paris with his husband Vinnie where she ate her face off and came back to brag all about it. I was sufficiently jealous.

When I told my sister “I got a cute submission from Jenn of Much to My Delight blog“, she replied “you better feature it because I love that blog!!!” Point taken, sis. Jenn’s blog is not a huge blog, it doesn’t have professional-grade foodie photos, she doesn’t post on a super regular basis…but there is something really special about it. I sort of feel like it’s a best kept secret blog and if people begin discovering it her traffic will skyrocket. She’s just really really cool. And funny. She has also been a fan of my blog which always surprises me because she is way cooler than me. My sister totally agrees with that.

Anyway….back to the party. The theme is really cute/funny because it’s based on Jenn’s friend who loves the movie Bridesmaid. So that became the inspiration, namely, the glitzy shower scene.

As told by Jenn:

“The bride loves the movie Bridesmaids, so we centered everything around that. We went all-out Parisian with little Eiffel towers everywhere and a pink and black theme. We took notes from the shower scene in the movie by adding gauzy pink curtains, art deco posters and a chocolate fountain. We had a giant cookie too, but forgot to take pictures!

We served cheese (from the good part of the store!) and lots of fruit and pastries. Of course, we also served pink lemonade (nice! Nice touch!) with just a splash of vodka, because that’s how we roll. For favors, I baked classic French madelines, and served them with little doggies on the label as a nod to the favors from the movie. We also served French martinis, one of the brides’ favorite cocktails.”

The shower took place in Jenn’s backyard in Queens. It looked like an intimate, perfect party. Now I need to find some gourmet cheese to devour.

Thanks to Jenn for the submission and also for being a huge supporter of Eat Drink Pretty over the years!!