Last week was pretty great.  I had Wednesday and Friday off work.  Random days off work to spend with my sweetie are the best.  And days to myself are pretty great too.  I had my first ever full day to myself on Friday.  Juliet’s daycare was closed all week so Erik’s mom flew in from North Dakota and watched Juliet Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday was a Jenna/Juliet day and we went to the Children’s Museum with my good friend, Jill and her two boys.  Then we went to lunch (3 kids age 3 and under and they did great!) and after Juliet and I spent the rest of the day hanging out, playing, napping, etc.

Thursday and Friday was all about Grandma and Juliet and they had a blast together.  Erik and I really appreciated Karen coming down for the weekend.  She also got to spend Easter with us, which was awesome.

My “Jenna day” was amazing.  I met Jill at the spa for a facial and a massage, followed by lunch, followed by a couple hours of shopping.  I felt no momma guilt.  I knew I needed this day.  I needed a little time just for me.  And I REALLY needed new clothes.  My body is different these days.  I’m actually smaller than before I was pregnant, but things are just…weird.  Clothes fit different and the boob situation is not ideal.  Luckily I found some decent things that I actually like and feel pretty good in.  Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike shopping?  I really do.

My sweetie wore a beautiful Easter dress on Sunday, a gift from my aunt Chris (and Juliet’s godmother).  She was just the prettiest little thing in that dress.  She also loved that big stuffed bunny and kept giving it kisses and snuggling with him on the floor.  Check out how much she’s grown and changed since last Easter!!
I am trying to move towards healthier/cleaner living and eating lately and I had ambitions to make my own natural egg dye (using fruits/veggies/spices) but I ran out of time and ended up finding this ntural dye from my favorite baby boutique called Pacifier.  The dye is made up of fruits and plants and is 100% safe and free of chemicals.  It produced beautifully colored eggs!  Some were sparkly, some were swirly.

The company Wee Can Too also makes edible crayons and other art supplies.  I am thinking of getting some for Juliet and my niece, Chloe, they both like to taste their crayons!
The picture on the right are the snacks we put in Juliet’s Easter eggs for an egg hunt.  I didn’t want to do candy and toys or trinkets that are small enough to fit into an egg and would be a choking hazard.  So we stuck with organic snacks like yogurt melts, veggie crisps and puffs.  They aren’t exactly the most healthy things but for a special treat it is fine.  We kept Juliet’s Easter basket simple and free of candy.  There is nothing wrong with a little candy here and there but I think Juliet is a bit young for it.  We got her books, flashcards and another Lollacup, which is the best straw/sippee cup out there (in my opinion).  Yes, it’s spendy but totally worth it.  Pretty eggs!!  Also, Erik’s breakfast for the next week or so. I didn’t get many great photos of Juliet digging into her basket because it was early in the morning and the lighting was terrible.  Luckily, I did get a few cute Instagram photos (follow me @eatdrinkpretty).

Karen bought Juliet the cutest rain boots, rain jacket and umbrella.  She is all set for puddle jumping once she starts walking and it gets warmer outside.  Aunt Chris also dropped off a big basket full of adorable clothes for Juliet.
After we opened Easter baskets we went to church with my family and then came back to our house for a big Easter brunch.  My whole family was over and we feasted on way too much food as usual.

As I mentioned before, but Erik and I host most of the gatherings with my family because our new home is perfect for entertaining.  But we do potluck style so it’s not too much work for us.  Everyone brings an item and it works out great.

The brunch menu consisted of two egg bakes, cheesy potatoes, scones, donut holes and a balsamic/mustard glazed ham.  The spread was delicious.
Erik’s mom ordered an edible arrangement and we had that for dessert along with this beautiful Lemon Orange Chiffon cake that I made (with some help from Karen).   I’ve made this cake a few times now and this last time it ended up being a tad dry.  I’m not really sure what happened but maybe I left it in the oven for just couple minutes too long.  It was still really good.  I’ve made it with store-bought orange juice and squeezing the orange juice fresh.  Honestly, unless you have the most perfectly ripe oranges you’ll be better off using store-bought juice.  Aunt Chris gave Juliet an adorable personalized onesie that said “Juliet. Official Easter Egg Hunter”.  So cute!  I wouldn’t say this is the greatest family picture ever…but Erik looks really handsome!It’s pretty impossible to get a decent photo of Juliet and her cousin!  They are very busy little gals and don’t want to sit still.  I hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend as much as we did!