Ok so spring isn’t actually here yet in Minnesota. We’ve had a few snow storms in the past two weeks and all of us Minnesotan’s patience is up. We want green grass and warm sun. And stroller rides with babies!

Diet Pepsi reached out to me to put together a sassy spring love list, inspired by the newly designed can by Vern Yipp (HGTV star). The can is really cool (and mini!) and features Pantone’s spring fashion and color report’s dusk blue and a pretty peacock design.  The cans are being sold at your local grocery stores and Target (get them while you can, they are limited editions).

So the sassy part of this list is a bit funny to me…because I am not quite the sassy twenty-something I used to be.  Get a cocktail in me ten years ago and watch out, I was sassy as hell.  Now I’m a bit more reserved, (hello, I was in bed at 9pm last Friday night!).  But I’m sure there is still some sass left in there somewhere.

Of course my spring love list has to include a couple items for my sweet toddler girl…and overall represents things I’m loving lately:

  • The Sakura Bloom sling: I am a huge fan of babywearing.  Ever since Juliet was 8 pounds I had her snuggled up next to my chest in the Moby Wrap.  We existed that way, heart to heart, for many months until she got a bit big for the Moby and transitioned to the Beco Gemini.  We still use the Beco as well as this sling, which I love.  I use the hip carry which works best for a toddler. Some days Juliet wants to be held by mommy a lot and she is getting heavy, so this sling is the perfect solution.
  • Diet Pepsi: Coffee is my choice of caffeine in the mornings but Diet Pepsi is a great pick-me-up during an afternoon slump.  I like it with a slice of lime.
  • Honest Organic Lip Balm: I recently started using Honest products and really like them so far. I couldn’t go as far as subscribing to their monthly diaper service, because of the price, but I like their Essentials Bundle which includes 5 products of your choice delivered every month to your door. I love that their products are chemical-free and also work really well. I love the lip balm, shampoo and bubble bath (I use all their products on Juliet).
  • Boon Snack Box: I anticipate going on lots of picnics this summer with Juliet and Erik. I use this snack box to pack Juliet’s lunch and it will also be perfect for packing her picnic lunches and snacks while we lay on a blanket basking in the sun.
  • GAP Always Skinny Jeans: Like all women, especially moms, I’m always on the look-out for a great pair of jeans that actually look good on my post-baby body. I recently found these skinny jeans at GAP and I am in love. I wear them too much already and need to buy them in every color.
  • GAP Eyelet Colorblock dress: For Juliet, of course…this little dress has been on my Pinterest board for the past couple of weeks. Isn’t it so adorable! I’m waiting for it to go on sale.

And there you have it…my (sassy?) spring love list. Is there anything super fun on your spring love list?

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Diet Pepsi and as always, all opinions are my own.