Monday, November 19, 2012

Juliet: 9 months

My sweet Juliet turned 9 months last Friday.  We've had a great month with lots of milestones!

  • Juliet started saying dada.  I don't think she really knows what it means but Erik adores it.  I've been practicing mama mama mama mama a ton with her, but no such luck.  Yet. 
  • She understands things.  When I ask her "Juliet, where is the kitty?" she looks around the room and spies Kody, stares at him, looks back at us and gives a big smile.  She is always excited when Kody is near and if he sticks around long enough to let her pet him, she is one very happy little girl.  
  • Juliet is getting much stronger while standing with support.  She loves holding onto the couch, ottoman and coffee table while she stands.  She is still a bit wobbly so we are always right behind her.  She can't pull herself up but I suspect it won't be long.  We still don't have a crawler yet, but she can roll to the other side of the room really fast.  Looks like we need to start baby-proofing soon.  
  • Juliet has been perfecting her pincer grasp.  She eats all sorts of table foods and usually can pick food up and get it into her mouth, no problem.  She also still loves purees and I'm continuing to make most of her food (we also by Earth's Best organic brand of baby food).  Juliet loves her puffs, mum mums, fruits, veggies, but her favorite is probably pork.  
  • Juliet started waving.  I first noticed it one day I dropped her off at daycare.  I always wave bye bye to her, tell her I love her, kiss her chubby cheek.  That day I noticed her arm flailing around a little...I said, "is she waving???" and Sarah, our daycare provider said, "I think so!".  The next day she did it again and now she does it fairly regularly.  
  • While much of the time Juliet is a very easy, laid back little girl, I see a bit of stubbornness and sassiness developing.  She started making this mad face where she scrunches up her nose and purses her lips (it's actually the most adorable little face).  Luckily she never stays angry for long.  It usually just takes some kisses on her neck (she's ticklish there) and she is giggling up a storm.  
  • Along the lines of getting angry, this comes out the most when we get her dressed in the morning. Lately she hates getting dressed.  Erik just wants to send Juliet to daycare in her jammies to avoid the struggle but I insist on getting her dressed every morning.  She is also on the move and rolls around which makes it impossible to do diaper changes and put her clothes on.  
  • Finally, Juliet's hair grew a ton in the past month. It is getting thick and long.  I keep meaning to buy those little hair ties to put a pony in but I'm sort of avoiding it because I worry it'll make her look like a big girl and I'm not ready for that yet. 
Taking photos of Juliet is getting harder and harder.  She is curious about everything and doesn't sit still for a second.  Here are a few funny outtakes from the 9 months photos I snapped over the weekend.  
Mama loves you so much, sweet girl.  Happy 9 months!


  1. Those pictures of Juliet are awesome and adorable! We all love you big girl!


  2. I love the milestone updates, and, of course, all of those adorable pictures! She really does have a ton of hair and is just as beautiful as ever!!

  3. Oh she's a doll! Hard to believe she's nine months already. Her milestones sound very similar to Ava's timeline and reading this took me back - even if only three months. :) She'll be walking in no time, and watch out Mama because that sass only develops MORE! Enjoy!!

  4. Cute photos! Lots of milestones this month! Very exciting!


  5. Ohhh she is so cute! My little one will be 9 months on Monday. She is standing up and just flying on the floor. I can;t take pictures of her because she will not sit still. She will also not let me change her diaper, you need two people to do it and now she will only eat by herself. If this is the signs of what is to come, she will be independent!!

  6. We also have a 9mo and Luci is tracking pretty similar to Juliet. She also doesn't crawl but is a scooter! It's pretty hilarious.
    Good for you for keeping us with your blog after having a baby! I have always enjoyed your posts and now the evolution of your blog with being a mama!