Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beautiful fall, beautiful baby.

Erik and my new house is surrounded by tons of trees. It's private and beautiful and we really love it.  There was one tree in particular that was absolutely beautiful last weekend.  Yellow and glowing in the evening sun.  I knew I had to get a few photos.  You will not see me in these because I hadn't even showered that day.  Erik had just returned home from a Vikings game so he was decked out in his gear.

I'm always so grateful for these impromtu photo shoots.   I love capturing my little girl in all her sweetness. Soft, pretty light with my baby girl and her Dada (she has recently started saying dada, she doesn't know what it means yet, but we still love it). Erik and I have a busy weekend ahead.  I am having dessert and drinks with my girlfriends Melanie and Kristin on Friday evening and on Saturday we are hosting a dinner party with about 13 of our friends.  It's my Alexia Foods sponsored dinner party and I am super pumped.  It is going to have lots of fall-inspired foods and booze galore.  The best kind of party.

I hope you all enjoy the weekend!


  1. The leaves/trees are beautiful and so is your little girl! Too bad the vikes didn't pull a win for us last night like they did on Sunday when you took the pics. So excited for the dinner party tomorrow, ready to eat lots of yummy food, b/c I know there will be plenty of that!


  2. Gorgeous pics of daddy and baby girl! That tree is really a beautiful backdrop. Have a wonderful time at your party, Jenna!!

  3. I just realized your blogs existence... Yippy! I love what I've seen thus far. You have a beautiful family. I am totally loving the leaves... don't see much of that here in FL. Looking forward to the updates on the dinner party!


    Maya D.