Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our favorite go-to meals

{Photo credits: Martha Stewart}

Despite both having demanding jobs and a baby, Erik and I make it a point to sit down to a homemade dinner together every night.  We have lived in our new house for almost three weeks now and have only eaten out once, the day we moved in and had no groceries.

Like everyone, we have go-to meals that help make our lives easier.  These meals are quick and manageable, and most are great for leftovers.  I am not posting recipes for these meals because they are pretty self explanatory, and everyone has their own version (of the majority of these meals).

Here they are:

Spaghetti - I suspect this is a stable in many households.  It's a 15 minute meal, add a piece of garlic toast and you're done.  Erik and I easily get 2-3 days worth of meals out of spaghetti.

Tacos - tacos are one of Erik's favorite meals.  He once ate 13 hard shell tacos in one sitting.  Usually he eats 4, but he must have been extra hungry that day.  Tacos are awesomely easy.  We always have ground beef in our deep freezer because we buy lots of it from Erik's hometown in North Dakota.  Tacos are a 10 minute meal.

Chili - we have a great chicken chili recipe made in the crockpot.  Next time I make this I will take a photo and post the recipe.  It's worth sharing.  We love chicken chili and it tastes better leftover (so does spaghetti).

Reubens - or any sandwich/melt.  Melts are a favorite of Erik's as well.  Sometimes we make ruebens, sometimes it's just turkey and cheese.  We don't mind keeping it extra easy on melt night.

Pulled porks sandwiches - these are great for 3-4 meals in a row, usually including packed lunches for work.  I buy a 3 pound pork shoulder/butt and cook it on low for about 8-9 hours in the crockpot with a can of beer, seasoned with salt and pepper.  It shreds easily and is super versatile.  We add buffalo sauce or BBQ sauce, depending on our mood.

Rotisserie chicken salads - rotisserie chickens at the grocery store are about $5-$6, plus a bag of salad mix and you have a meal for under $10.  On salad night, Kody the kitty gets extra spoiled and enjoys a plate full of shredded chicken.

And there you have it, Erik and my go-to meals.  Obviously we have more meals in our arsenal but sometimes it's hard to think outside the box.  What are your go-to meals?  I'd love to add some to our list.  Please comment and share!


  1. HI! love you blog..I have a 5 month old at home and AGREE that meals have to be quick!! We easily eat salad at least 3 times a week (which has been awesome in helping me to shed some of that baby weight). I'm looking forward to putting together a lot of quick soups this fall! We've also been eating a lot of fish tacos, shrimp rolls, and quick pastas.

    We have Take Out Thursday every week which gives me and the husband some additional time to connect during a hectic week juggling work, trips to and from daycare, and taking care of a baby!

  2. I am so excited for the fall weather, football, chili and cornbread, I was just telling Jay about that the other night!

    Buffalo chicken cobb salad is a big go to meal for us along with tilapia or grilled chicken, couscous, roasted potatoes or sweet potatoes and a veggie side...those meals are so quick.


  3. We have a crazy good recipe that we made up for vegetarian Tater Tot Hotdish! While it does have tater tots (not-so-healthy), we LOAD it with vegetables. Frozen peas, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach and mushrooms. We used to include the vegetarian equivalent of hamburger, but no longer need it. So tasty and comforting! Our weeknight meal arsenal also includes chili like you and:
    -Vegetable stir fry with brown rice (the frozen microwaveable rice for during the week)
    -Black bean quesadillas with cheese, spinach, avocado, tomatoes and salsa of course!
    -Quick soup with french bread-vegetable broth (canned or in a box), vegetables (whatever is around the house), canned beans, lentils, salt, pepper and a few other spices
    -Fancy grilled cheese---we try different things, sometimes from Pinterest, sometimes from our imaginations. Ha! Avocado and cheese, Spinach, brie and apples, old-school style with bad american cheese slices and even sometimes throw frozen broccoli in the blender so it is teeny tiny, quickly cook it on the stovetop and put it in with the cheese.

    We also run out of ideas and inspiration. Love this post!

  4. That burger and mixture of various vegetables make it delicious and make me crazy to have it right now.