Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lunch with the BFF

A couple weeks before I went back to work, my best friend Kristin and I met for a walk around Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis and then lunch on the patio at Al Vento.

It was a perfect day, weather-wise and pretty much everything else. It was the clearest blue sky and about 75 degrees.

Juliet was a happy girl in her stroller and Kristin brought her cute, scraggle-muffin dog Olive (for the walk but not to lunch).
I ordered a glass of wine at lunch and Kristin had a strawberry Italian soda. She is 17 weeks pregnant!!!!! Kristin and her husband find out if the baby is a girl or boy in two weeks and a couple days. I can't wait! We ordered the bruschetta sampler to start off. I can't remember exactly what I ordered but it was good (on the right). Hmmm, maybe it was buccatini with a tomato sauce and pancetta or something like that.  Yum.  Kristin had a lemon cream sauce gnocchi and enjoyed it. {Taken with Instagram on my iPhone}

It was days like this, well and every other day, on my maternity leave that made me not want to return to work. I equally loved staying at home all day, nuggled up on the couch with my little honey-girl, but we also had a lot of fun getting out and about and spending time with friends.

It's been 4 weeks since I went back to work and it has gotten easier, just like everyone said it would.  The first 2-3 weeks were HARD.  Like cry everyday and try to figure out how I can stay at home and/or work part-time hard.  But really I just missed her.  The work aspect wasn't bad at all.  I like my job.  I really do.  But I had no idea how difficult being away from Juliet was going to be.  It was just such a change...going from being with her every minute to being away from her up to 10 hours a day.  It's still not easy and I think about her all the time when I'm at the office. 

But I know now I can do the working mom thing.  It just means driving way too fast to get home to see my sweet pea and not letting her leave my arms until she is sleeping, and even then sometimes she's in bed with me all night.   I really make the weekends count with her, too.  We go to baby yoga, play all day with daddy, go for walks, hang out at home.  If I leave to go somewhere, so far I've brought her with me, but I know I need to figure out her routine and naps so I make sure she gets enough sleep and is well-rested.  But she's always a happy girl and I think she just likes being with momma, so I bring her with me so we're together. 

Being at work has been easier also because my mom watches Juliet everyday and she is absolutely amazing with her.  They have lots of fun together and I love that she gets lots of love and one-on-one attention all day.  I feel very lucky to have this option of having my mom watch her all summer. 

I'm looking forward to the weekend, to hang with my sweetie and Erik.  We have some very exciting things planned including breakfast with friends, a BBQ at Libby and Biffers and some fun father's day activities, of course. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned!


  2. That food was so delicious! I am glad that things are getting a bit easier for you. Have fun during this busy weekend!

  3. Beautiful post, Jenna! You're such a wonderful momma! Juliet is one blessed little girl. I hope you have a great weekend, and I'll see you Sunday! :)

  4. Look at you, skinny-minny!!! Looks like a lovely friend-lunch-date! Glad to hear things are beginning to get easier for you- I couldn't imagine how hard that transition must have been!

  5. Cute pictures!