Sunday, June 3, 2012

Juliet: 3 months

Juliet turned 3 months on May 16th.  My sweet girl changed so much from month 2 to month 3.  She went from being an itty bitty newborn to a chubby, wide-eyed baby.  Her neck strength grew daily and by month 3 she was able to hold her head up pretty well, with minimal assitance.  She started taking everything around her in with big, curious eyes.  Her arms and legs (that now have many rolls!) began to flail and move all the time in excitement.  Juliet also started smiling a lot in her third month, not just at random things like the wall, but at mommy and daddy.  She started cooing and making the sweetest sounds like she's trying to talk to us.

Juliet's hair began to thin a lot but the hair she still had got longer.  It has stuck straight up since she was about two and a half months and I love that so much. 

Juliet still loves breastfeeding more than anything and continued eating up to 12 times a day in month three.  Since I was still off work I didn't mind at all, as I love it as much as she does and never knew it could the amazing bonding experience it has been for us.  Juliet is a pretty good sleeper.  Juliet is still in our bedroom, sleeping in the rock n play and sometimes (well, a lot of the time) she bedshares with us.  I'm simply not ready to move her into her crib yet though I know it's something we need to do relatively soon (well, I don't really know if we need to or if I just keep hearing that we should).  I love her in our bedroom and Erik doesn't mind it either. 

In just a couple weeks Juliet will already be 4 months.  Oh god, they really do get big so fast, just like everyone says.  You can't imagine that your baby can literally change overnight.  Juliet is such a sweet baby.  She rarely cries and when fussy can always be comforted by breastfeeding.  She is our cuddly little love-girl.  She has many nicknames.  Erik calls her his little girlie, his girly burly, the burly, the burly one, little grumbles, monkey butt, stinky, etc.  I'm sure there are more.  I call her girlie, sweetie, my sweetness and Jules.  We like nicknames in our house.

Juliet and I had a wonderful last month of my maternity leave together. The weather couldn't have been better. We went for walks in the stroller and/or Moby daily. We hung out with my mom and niece Chloe every Tuesday. We slept in and snuggled on the couch a lot. Being back at work for the past two weeks has been hard.  I just miss her so much.  I worry about missing her grow and change when I'm at work.  Hopefully by her 4 month update I will have settled into the new routine and no longer so emotional about the transition back to work. Wish me luck!


  1. I love reading your blog and the updates on your little bundle of joy! I have learned so much from reading your blog and look forward to learning from you during the remainder of my pregnancy and the journey of motherhood! - Jennifer

  2. What a little sweetie pie! Yes, enjoy every moment as they do grow so fast. I can't believe my little one is going to be 18 months in June. Yikes
    I also had a hard time transitioning back to work but what helped me is I was finding myself really truly enjoying our evenings together, I didn't mind being up at night with Elle (she is still not the best sleeper) and so forth. I think once you have your routine down you will feel better about things.

  3. She is such a cutie! I'm sure balancing work and being a mom will get easier with time.


  4. What a beauty! I have to say I always thought she favored you, but these photos she's looking like Erik more!
    You know, do what makes you comfortable when you're ready to move her to the crib. You will just know. I love nursing Brynley too and she's 8 months now. I worked full tm with Ryder and pumped exclusively so nursing lasted long enough for my mat leave and I pumped enough to sustain him to 5 months. Each stage is more fun than the next you will find! And sleep :)


  5. What a lovely post, Jenna, and Juliet is just as beautiful as ever!

  6. It is amazing how much she's already changed! But she's just as lovable as ever. Although I know you miss her at work, we are so happy you are back and part of our daily lives! :) XO

  7. She's getting cuter and cuter! Her dress is beautiful.
    Eat Cake

  8. She is the sweetest little girl! I'm sure you're getting plenty of advice like we all do, but thought I'd share my opinion. If you are ok with co-sleeping, stick with it. We did a combo of co-sleeping, bassinet and crib starting at around 4 months and it worked fine for us. We started putting Bodhi down in the crib at the beginning, but when he woke, we brought him in with us. I really think there are no hard and fast rules to this stuff! Stick with what works for you and your amazing daughter!

  9. OMG she is just the cutest little thing ever! Can't believe how big she is already & it's so adorable how much she looks like both you and Erik!