Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring strawberry salad

When I saw this salad on Oh She Glows blog I knew I needed to make it. And I did, that same day. Luckily I had almost all the needed ingredients, with the exception of a lemon. So I hauled ass to Target, because why not, I go there almost everyday anyway.

My friends Kristin and Libby came over for dinner club and we had this salad, pizza and some cheese as appetizers. I added goat cheese to the salad (Oh She Glows blog is vegan, so no cheese in the original recipe) and it was tasty. The best part was the strawberry lemon basil dressing. Click here for the recipe on Oh She Glows blog.


  1. The salad was very yummy and so was the dressing! Nice and springy!


  2. I would highly recommend this!

  3. That salad was very yummy and so pretty! The dressing was awesome!


  4. My favorite part of this blog entry? "I hauled ass." You are hilarious!

  5. It is very tasty in eating as it is made with many healthy vegetables.After eating this we can have many vitamins at a time.So i really appreciate this matter.