Monday, April 16, 2012

Juliet's nursery

Today Juliet is 2 months old and I thought it was fitting to finally post all the details of her nursery.  This room is my absolute favorite space in our home.  Every detail I dreamed for this nursery somehow came together so perfectly.  With my little girlie here, the nursery contains her sweet smell, little baby coos, and recently, her smiles.  We snuggle together everyday on the glider/chair and she grasps my hair in her chubby hands as she breastfeeds.  How could it not be my favorite space in our home, actually, in the entire world?

A while ago, I posted my nursery inspiration board and wrote the following:

"Ever since I found out my hubby and I are having a baby girl, I have been dreaming of her nursery. I am such a girly-girl, thanks to my mom, who decorated my room growing up with pink heart wallpaper and a ruffly, pink canopy bed. And so it's no surprise that my lil' babe will have a room full of frills and lots of pink. I picture a calm, soft room and I imagine rocking her in a comfy chair close to the window as I watch the Minnesota winter turn into spring."

The more the nursery came together the more I just wanted it to be simply be a light, airy, pretty space that was fairly minimalistic.  With Juliet here I strive to keep the space as clean and clutter-free as possible, a chore that is nearly impossible with so much baby gear, clothes, diapers, etc.  But I take a few minutes each morning to clear away the clutter so that when the two of us are in there together I am focusing only on her and not on a messy nursery. 

I am so grateful to Wing Ta of Canary Grey Photography for capturing these beautiful photos of the nursery. 

Source details, Etsy vendors and costs are all detailed at the bottom of this post.

I found inspiration all over the web and kept track through Pinterest.  The crib is a very affordable and popular style that I saw all over baby blogs.  Those three simple shelves add so much to the small space on the wall.
Many moms opt to simply put a changing pad on top of their dresser but I love having a separate changing table.  It gives added storage, which is a must-have.

I love wall of frames and worked on this configuration for hours.  I would arrange them on the floor, take photos with my phone and text my friends asking, "which one is best"?  I'm very happy with how it turned out.  Those photos are of Erik and I as babies and are now replaced with Juliet's newborn photos (which I'll be posting soon!).  Do I always have fresh pink roses on Juliet's dresser?  Um, no!
Erik made an exact replica of wallpaper in frames from a photo I showed him on my Pinterest board.  He worked dilligently on these, making sure there wasn't a single bubble in the wallpaper and that the white trim (that became the frame) was perfectly cut.  I love these so much.
Finding out you are having a baby girl is dangerous when you work so close to a Baby Gap.  The pink one was Juliet's Easter dress and she just wore the white one yesterday!  It's nice that they serve multiple purposes (decorative and clothing) because she will soon grow out of them.

Our budget for Juliet's nursery was $1,500.  We did a good job of sticking within the budget thanks to a detailed excel spread sheet I used to keep a tally of every single thing we purchased, down to the $5 dollar wood glue for the framed wallpaper art.  It helped that there were a few items that we were given at baby showers (changing table pad, mattress, etc) that may have pushed us a bit over the budget if we had to pay for them. 

There are so many budget-friendly options out there to create a beautiful nursery, whether your budget is similar to mine, or even a lot less.  Don't forget about Etsy.  Best resource ever.  And after I got over the fact that Juliet wouldn't have Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware furniture I really enjoyed finding the best deals out there and challenging myself to use items/fabric/frames we already owned, or finding items that were gently used. 

I've included a detailed list of sources below.  Whenever possible, there is a direct link to the product.  If I haven't listed something in that you are interested in, please leave a comment and I'll make sure to get back to you. 

Sources and cost (cost includes shipping where applicable):

Crib and Changing Table: Jenny Lind style, found for the best price at Walmart, but it is sold at many places including Target, Babies R Us, Amazon, etc.  ($260)
Curtains and rod: Shabby Chic by Target, ($60)
White shelves: Target ($20)
Changing pad cover: Shabby Chic by Target, ($20)
White floral decorative pillow: Target ($20)
Lamp shade and base: baby shower gift from Babies R Us
Pink storage baskets: Walmart ($35)
Floral Framed Wallpaper Art: made by Erik ($100)
Bunting: made by Jenna ($0, used existing materials)
Framed J: purchased mirror from a friend ($40), "J" was a baby shower gift from Babies R Us
Rose Petal Wall Hooks: Anthropologie ($30)
Dresser and Nightstand: Purchased used from a friend ($200).  If you are looking for the same dresser it is sold at Target
Milk bottles: local antique store ($7)
Chandelier: Home Depot ($89)
Glider: Target ($375)
Crib Bedding: Shabby Chic by Target ($99)
“I have always known it was you” Print: MursBlanc on Etsy ($25)
“Oh How I Love Thee” Print: the big harumph on Etsy, ($23)
"Love, Love, Love" Print: quaillanepress on Etsy  ($13)
Shakespeare "True Hope" Print: amytripple on Etsy ($33)
White Frames: Ikea ($40)
Dresses: Baby Gap
Baby "fur" boots: beccaboocrafts on Etsy ($14)
Cream vintage-looking frames with fabric: Marshalls (already owned)
Mirror (above dresser): Marshalls ($40)
Paint: Sherwin Williams, color Softer Tan #6141 (painted previously during a remodeling project)


  1. Her nursery is so pretty! Love all of it!


  2. Juliet's nursery is beautiful and any girl would love her room!


  3. It really is a gorgeous space, Jenna! All of the details came together beautifully. :)

  4. I just love the feminity. It's soft and whimsical- a place for dress up and dreaming :) Great job!

    Eat Cake

  5. So darling Jenna!!! Great job!

  6. What a great girly room,looks so relaxing. Well done on sticking to your budget,I think thats where I would probably run into problems lol!

  7. Juliet's nursery is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. I had the Jenny Lind crib and changing table for my daughter (she is now 24), but her room was not as lovely.
    As for pictures. I have 3 children,2 boys 30 & 28 and my 24 yr old daughter. I wish I had taken more professional pictures. I do not know if they have to be 3mo,6mo,9mo - you need to do what you can comfortably. Also, use your camera - not the phone - to take pictures - frequently. They grow and change so quickly and the moments are gone. Another thing. Hold her as much as you can, talk to her, play with her. Never mind that she has the "perfect outfit" (that was my problem)-babies do not know what they have on, as long as they are clean, fed and have a loving mom like you.
    You can trade clothes with friends,shop upscale used baby clothing stores and save money to buy those pictures. I wish I had done it to save and diverted money to other things for the kids, but I would not. You sound smart and will figure it out. Pictures - yes ! But they do not have to be so costly. She is adorable.Congratulations.Enjoy this time. Soon she will be a teenager, then a college grad !!

  8. This nursery is so amazing and beautiful! Love it and such great ideas

  9. Thanks so much for sharing! Her nursery is beautiful! We are thinking about getting that same crib! I was wondering how you like it. Is it fairly sturdy? Do you think it will hold up to a rambunctious toddler? Also, I have seen several Jenny Lind cribs and finally realized that this is simply a style of crib (not a mistake!), but I was wondering if the Dream on Me and the Da Vinci Jenny Lind cribs were the same. Do you know? They look identical to me! Thanks for your help. :)

  10. HLEure - the Jenny Lind crib I have is definitely not the most sturdy crib around. It is sturdy, I'm not worried about it, but when I've compared the sturdiness of the sides to my friend's cribs there is a noticeable difference. We'll see what happens when she is older and more rambuncious! I have no clue what the difference is between those two crib brands, I've only heard of the DaVinci which is what I have. They look like they are the same price so most likely they are similar in quality. If you are looking for this style but willing to spend more $$ Land of Nod has a very pretty Jenny Lind-style crib.

  11. Jenna, thanks for your help! I had settled on this crib and then discovered they are now out of stock everywhere. :( Hopefully, we will still be able to get one before baby's arrival in September!

  12. Where did you get the wallpaper for the frames- I'm specifically looking for the aqua floral print? Juliet's nursery is beautiful!

    1. The wallpaper is from Sherwin Williams. Good luck!