Posting Juliet’s newborn photos is long overdue. She was just 11 days old when these were taken and now she’s 10 weeks!  She has changed so much but there are sweet things these photos captured that I still see in my little girl now, like the funny/cute side smile she makes and the way she always holds her hand up to her face.

I do regret one thing about this day, though.  Because it was 11 days postpartum, I was feeling less than great about myself.  I wasn’t excited about being photographed.  I was still in maternity jeans and overall felt frumpy.  So I didn’t prioritze getting photos of my little girl and I.  There are a few, but I wish I had more.  I LOVE the ones of Erik and her and I’m really happy we have those.  I also adore the one of the three of us above.  And of course, I am super happy with all the ones of the little Juliet, looking so cute and tiny and sweet.

Photo credits to Gruman Photography.