The weekend was wonderful, ending with church, brunch and dyeing eggs at my parent’s house. Juliet was very so pretty in her Easter dress and white cardigan. She was very sleepy and otherwise uninterested in her first Easter adventure though (as you’ll see in later photos).

We usually spend Easter with Erik’s family in North Dakota.  This year, with a 7 week old, we decided against making the 6-hour drive (Juliet is eating every 1-2 hours so that would have made for many stops and a LONG drive).  We definitely missed his family and especially the Easter egg hunt with the grand prize egg (with $50 in it!) and his mom’s delicious cooking.

These cute photos were taken on Saturday. I giggled the entire time taking them and then again while I viewed the photos. Juliet is losing her hair on top of her head but no where else! Oh my…she’ll be my little baldy-girl soon.

A somewhat blurry family photo on Easter. On a side note, I had an almost-meltdown Sunday morning because not a single one of my dresses fit. It’s my chest that’s the issue. It’s gotten quite large. So I threw on a cotton, long dress and covered it with a cardigan. Not the cutest I’ve ever looked. I need to go shopping.

Erik and I were much more excited about Juliet’s Easter basket than she was!

Juliet’s wondering, is it naptime yet?

The Easter brunch menu included:

Fruit salad
A chicken sausage, veggie and cheddar quiche
Honey-glazed ham
Cheesy hashbrowns
Angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries

We had fun dyeing Easter eggs.  Now Erik has hard boiled eggs for breakfast all week.
I hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend too!

It’s chilly in MN this week so Juliet and I are going to hang out at home and have lots of tummy time on her play mat, read books, sing songs and snuggle. Sounds like a pretty great week to me! Six weeks left of maternity leave and I plan to make the most of each second of it.