Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby Juliet: 3 weeks!

Juliet is 3 weeks today! Time is flying by, which surprises me because I thought the days would feel longer. We haven't gone out much (yet) because I'm avoiding crowds the best I can until Juliet is a bit older (we'll probably start going out in another week or two).

Our time is spent hanging out at home all day, mostly in the living room and nursery.  We take naps (well, I try to nap when she does but it rarely happens), breastfeed a lot, and our latest favorite past time is hanging out in the Moby wrap. The Moby allows me to hold Juliet close all day while she naps or is awake but I have two hands to do things like eat!

Juliet is more alert these days and a bit more fussy (to be expected now that she's out of her super sleepy phase).  We have gotten a couple 3-4 hour stretches of sleep in at night which feels amazing, but besides that she is still eating every 2-3 hours (more like every 2 hours at night).  We've seen a lactation consultant twice since being home from the hospital and Juliet is doing amazing at breastfeeding (lactation consultants are a new mom's dream, so helpful and supportive).  She is gaining weight like a champ and is beginning to sport a double chin and chubby cheeks that I kiss all day long.

I wanted to include some of my favorite baby items that I can't live without right now:

Burp cloths - we have these placed all over the house so they're always within an arm's reach.  You can never have too many.  We are super lucky and received tons of hand made burp cloths as gifts. 

The Moby Wrap - I adore this!  The lactation consultant showed me how to wrap it and now I'm obsessed.  I want to carry Juliet around in this thing until she's 18!

Any and all breastfeeding supplies - including my breast pump, drying rack, bottle cleaning brush, storage bags, etc.  These things are not exciting but are invaluable. 

Pacifiers - I was told by a lactation consultatnt (the one that taught the breastfeeding class I took) not to introduce a pacifier until at least a month.  Um...that sooo didn't happen.  We gave her one around a week and a half.  My friend Mel is a pediatrician and actually recommended giving her one early on.  Babies need to suck to be soothed. Juliet likes her paci, but we try to only give it to her around nap time, night time and if she is being super fussy.

Couple questions for all you moms:

Juliet doesn't like sleeping in her pack n play (we have it right next to our bed in our room).  She prefers to be held to sleep or to sleep in bed with us).  I know bed-sharing is supposedly a no-no (I would do it in a second every night while she is an infant if it wasn't considered unsafe) and I need my girlie to sleep better at night.  Do any of you use the Fischer Price Rock N Play Sleeper?  I've read mixed reviews on Amazon (some saying it contributes to flat head, scary!) but moms on The Bump swear by it.  Or how about the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper?  I'm thinking the co-sleeper would be best because she would be closer to me but it's really not that much different than having the pack n play next to my bed. 

What do you think is my best option?  Oh and I realize Juliet is still super young and her sleeping patterns/needs are pretty normal.  I just want her to be as comfortable as possible and am considering other options then the pack n play. 

And finally I wanted to let you all know that after talking with a bunch of friends and receiving comments/email advice, I probably will not be starting a separate mom/baby blog.  Instead I'll be incorporating that content into Eat Drink Pretty.  It won't be constant, but probably on Thursdays for sure (Juliet was born on a Thursday and I'll be doing weekly updates).  Everyone thought, and ultimately I agreed, that there is no way I'd have time to maintain two blogs and also work full-time (which I'll be doing after maternity leave is over).  I hope my regular readers won't mind this additional content and if so, I would simply recommend avoiding my blog on Thursdays. 

And lastly, big thanks to Liz and Nicole for the cute hat and ruffly diaper cover that Juliet is modeling in her photos.  So cute!


  1. Oh what a precious! I used a chair like the Rock N Play sleeper, right beside our bed, and a "By your side" co-sleeper for in our bed, between us. It worked great!
    xoxo, Amy

    Here it's listed at Target...

  2. I know this wasn't in your list of potential ideas but we have our three month old daughters crib in our room right next to the bed until I feel ready to transition her to the nursery. She didn't like the Graco pack and play at all and I think it's because it isn't a very soft sleeping surface like her crib mattress. This has worked really well for us and I imagine she will transition easier into her own room since she will be sleeping in the crib already. On nights when I don't want her laying flat (when she has eaten late) or she isn't quite tired enough to fall asleep yet, she sleeps in a Fisher Price Cradle n' Swing that we bought at Babies R'Us. It's around $160 but it works wonders for rocking her safely to sleep. :)

  3. She is so cute! Love the ruffles!
    We didn't co sleep (though there are lots of pro co sleeping info out there) because my husband was nervous about it and actually moved my son into the living room when he was only two weeks old because he was so noisy when he slept it woke me up all night long! Then we moved him into his crib when he was 8 weeks old. My point with all of this is to do what feels right to you. You know Juliet better than anyone else in the world and as her mom you are entitled to inspiration, gut feelings, instinct, whatever you want to call it, but you've got it and you've got to trust it. It's taken me a long time and lots of worry and tears to figure that out. Just do whatever feels right and works for you :)

  4. I am expecting my first in April, so I have very similar questions about where to have the baby sleep, so THANK YOU for the post. We were thinking of trying the Pack 'n' Play route, but also have the Fisher Price Rock N Play in the "snuggabunny" style.

    All of my recent mom girlfriends swear by the earlier models--if not for all night, for the rest of the day. Apparently, the company added some things to the newer model (snuggabunny or deluxe, which comes in a cute pink) to combat the "flat head" comments--including a bunny ears piece that makes it softer on the head. It looks great, but the added material also makes me ever so slightly nervous about all night given all the advice about keeping everything except a crib sheet away from your baby.

    Babble listed the top items for 2012, and I am VERY intrigued by this option, the Tiny Love 3-In-One Rocker:

    It doesn't look like it is available quite yet, though. I've also heard good things about the By Your Side sleeper, mentioned above, for right in your bed. Keep us posted on what works for you.

  5. Congratulations, she is so precious! When I had my daughter she was not comfortable in the pack n play next to our bed either, which is what we had done with our son. We had been given a beautiful moses basket and since it had fabric around the sides, we placed it on our bed in between my husband and i, and I could lay my hand on her and be close, but she was safer than co-sleeping, just an idea that worked for us :)

  6. I feel as though in the beginning it is all about survival. Especially the first month. My daughter would sleep on me (in bed) or cuddled into in bed. I felt it was safe. If I hadnt thought it was safe, we wouldn't have done it. She would start the night flat but end up on me. My philosophy is whatever gets us all the best amount of sleep is what we do. By the time she was 6 weeks old she was sleeping in the PNP all night except a rarity. I've had friends with mixed opinions on the rock n play too. Some have had a hard time transitioning their kids into cribs, others no problem at all. If you already have the PNP I would maybe try an option you already own (yourself) before buying something else because the needs of a newborn change so frequently you may not end up needing it. But that's just my thought.

  7. I've heard great things about both, but wanted to pass along this site to you. Bed-sharing can be safe and a great thing if you and your husband are both on board. We didn't bed-share but now that I have learned more about it things might be different for the next child. Good luck!

  8. She is such a doll and I also loved the pictures of her nursery - so adorable! I just had my first baby, a boy, in December and he's been sleeping in the Fischer Price Rock N Play Sleeper since he came home from the hospital, and loves it! Granted all babies are different, but I think at first he preferred this sleeper because its at a slight angle and a bit more 'cozy' then in a bigger, flat space like a pack 'n play or a crib? I've been reading that newborns like (or maybe need) that feeling of being 'back in the womb' so a more snuggly option for bedtime might work? He's getting bigger/longer now though and likes to stretch out, so we are going to now try and transition him to a pack 'n play and his crib. Hope this helps! I also agree with someone else's earlier comment, the first few weeks you're definitely in a 'survival mode' that you'll do whatever works to make the baby happy and comfortable. Good luck! **(By the way - I remember you from St. Thomas and I've been enjoying reading your blog - good work! :)

  9. Congrats on your baby girl! :) I had my son 6 months ago, and I found that he liked to be slightly upright while he slept. I had tried a bassinet when we came home from the hospital and it just didn't work for us. I bought a Nap Nanny which I put him in at 7 days old- and he slept 7 hours straight that night!! It was on the floor next to my bed for the following 3 months before he went into his crib. He liked it because it was more confined than a Pack N Play or crib, and he wanted to feel swaddled. (Speaking of, are you swaddling? The swaddle sacks by Halo are the best!!). His pediatrician had said we could keep him in the carseat or swing overnight- but I didn't feel comfortable with that- so this was our best option. Good luck!

  10. what a beautiful baby girl! My third (boy) just turned three weeks. This is such a precious (and exhausting!) time.
    Thanks for the blog follow! I look forward to checking yours out as well :)


  11. Juliet, you are so adorable!!! I miss you!


  12. My son moved from the bassinet next to our bed to a crib in a different room after the first two weeks. My daughter started in the bassinet and was sleeping in our bed after the first night...and for the next six months. I know people knock co-sleeping, but it was so easy, especially with nursing. I always slept on my side facing her, with a pillow in between my legs so I wouldn't roll over. This time around, we bought a used co-sleeper and I'm going to try that out. But, an FYI for you -- we set the co-sleeper up the other day and it really doesn't seem much different than a pack n play. Good luck figuring out what works.

  13. Love your little blog!!! I can tell you now that my husband and I would not have survived without the Fisher Price Rock and Play!!!!!!!! Not kidding - literally a life saver. My little one hated sleeping flat on her back and didn't do well in the bassinet we had beside our bed. I think she enjoyed it much more because she was elevated and could see a bit more of what was going on around her. You'll also find that it is awesome to take when traveling! It folds up and to store it is easy! I hope this helps. I was always too scared to co-sleep so I would definitely give the Rock and Play a go! I can't stress what a lifesaver it was! Enjoy these next few months, they fly by!!

  14. The Rock and Play was the best piece of baby gear I had when my son was little! He slept in it every night until he outgrew it at about seven months - at first next to our bed and then we moved it into his room down the hall. The transition to the crib was tough but I will absolutely use the Rock and Play for future babes. He slept 10-12 hours straight at night in the Rock and Play and never developed a flat head.

  15. Have you looked into this?
    which is the same as this:

    I want to try this out, but will probably end up making my own.

  16. We used the rock n' play sleeper exclusively for at least the first month. Our little girl didnt like sleeping flat in the beginning either and the rock n' play is meant to be a "sleeper" so it's totally safe. I even double checked with our dr. We put it right next to our bed and it worked great for us! She switched over to her bassinet with no problem at about 1.5 mos and into her crib at 3 mos. We used the bassinet as a transition into the crib because we wanted to get her comfortable with sleeping flat. We thought that would be too much of a change all at once.

  17. You are both doing great Jenna, first month to 40 days she will wake up every 2 to 3 hrs to breastfeed, then she will sleep longer hours. I love pacifiers amazing for babies and especially new born. Babies love to be held and sleep next to their parents they feel secured and attached especially since breastfeeding. If she is taking the pacifier it will help her sleep longer hours later on. She is so adorable Jenna love your instagram pics she is so adorable. God bless her xo

  18. I loved the rock n play and still do. It was hands down the best purchase because it lasted well into the rolling over phase. It helped with some refluxing issues (kept him upright) and definitely felt safe for him because the sides were elevated to make him feel "snuggled" in. I think wtih plenty of tummy time you will have no problem avoiding the flat head. Additionally, if she's having trouble sleeping alone, try using a heating pad to warm the space up just a little bit. It's a bit of a shock going from a warm momma to a cool sheet so perhaps she will feel more comforted if it's slightly warmer. You can also try a sleep sheep or heartbeat noise maker to help her feel less lonely. God bless you all and all the best to you at such a crazy time!

  19. Check out Dr. Sears website about co-sleeping. It is truly safer than a baby sleeping away from mama. The US is the ONLY place people like to claim it is dangerous. Also, makes breastfeeding much better! Think about how scary and uncomfortable it would be to be away from the heartbeat/smells/warmth of mama after that being all you know!

  20. Hi! I don't know if you have already decided...but we LOVED the FP Rock n Play sleeper! We used for the first couple months in our room. It was nice to have my daughter so close, and I like that she was sleeping at a slight angle in case she spit up. We also loved how portable it was, it folds up flat and is easy to move around the house or take with you to Grandma's. :)We used it a ton...I would just move it around the house with me and it was nice that she was chair height. I highly recommend it, even if you go with the co-sleeper.
    I would just add that my daughter is now 6 months old and starting to wiggle out of it (she is a Houdini!), so it is probably best for the younger infants. Good luck, your baby is a doll!

  21. So I'm majorly behind on blog reading after a trip to Hawaii but in back! Wish I could offer some advice on the two baby items you mentioned. We had Brynley in her Graco pack n play and she did fine. My son never liked sleeping near us so we moved him upstairs to his room in his crib right away. True what they say, every baby is different! I'm sure you're settling better now that it's been a few more wks since this post!

    Juliet is just adorable :) Great pictures!!