My baby girl is two weeks already. We had a very quick photo session this morning that did not go very well. Juliet got a little mad at momma. So we cut the photos short and snuggled instead. I still managed to capture a few cute ones and even one of her cute little grumbly face!

This cute rose outfit was going to be her “coming home” outfit but it was way too big.  Still is.  She had it on for about 30 minutes and then spit up and had to be changed. 
Little miss grumbles

Juliet’s favorite things this week:

Cuddling with daddy in the evenings when he gets home from work
Sleeping a lot during the day
Eating…all the time!
Soft blankets
Skin-on-skin with momma anytime

Her least favorite things:

Sponge baths
Being cold
Getting her diaper changed
Sleeping at night (let’s hope this gets better, she is very awake at night and doesn’t like being put down in her pack n play)

Week 2 went well with our baby girl. She is definitely gaining weight as I can see her little cheeks filling out (this is a relief since she lost 10% of her birth weight within the first few days of being born). I’m a bit tired and have a little cabin fever this week but other than that I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve mastered eating standing up or one handed while I hold her as well as taking super quick showers.  Make-up seems to be a thing of my past.

I’m really looking forward to the weekend when Erik is home all day to hang out with us.  We’re also spending time with my family and I know Juliet is excited to see her grandma, grandpa, aunties and uncles!