Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chocolate cake for my birthday

{Photo credit and recipe: Martha Stewart}

It's my birthday next week and I really want to keep it low key. I'm thinking an evening in with my honey, making dinner together and just hanging out. Our evenings with just the two of us are limited and as excited as we are about our baby girl coming, we also want to make the best of the alone time we have now.

The only thing I want for my birthday is for Erik to bake me a chocolate cake. Erik has never baked anything, so he's kind of nervous about this. I need to find a good, yet easy recipe for a moist chocolate cake to pass along to him. Do you have any recipes to share?

If not, I may let him off the hook and allow him buy a mix and store-bought frosting.



    This recipe seems quite simple and the people in the comments like it.

  2. I've got a phenomenal chocolate cake recipe that I will e-mail to you. It's a family favorite.

  3. It is my birthday cake next week too! I am February 9th. My favorite cake (probably because it is the birthday cake of my wasn't much of a baker) is boxed sour cream chocolate cake with 7 minute frosting. Back in the day (1960 through the 70's) Betty Crocker made a boxed 7 minute frosting that I loved. My mom made my cake in heart shape pans and sprinkled with candy confetti. What I would give to find that boxed frosting today:)

  4. I highly recommend the Serious Eats recipe "Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake"

    The only complicated thing is measuring & beating eggs. The cake came out deliciously moist with a great crumb. Just ignore the amount of mayo & eggs - it's your bday. :)

  5. My go-to chocolate cake. Super easy, and deliciously moist!

    3 c. Flour
    2 c. Sugar
    1/2 c. Cocoa Powder
    2 tsp. Baking Soda
    1 tsp. Salt
    3/4 c. Vegetable Oil
    1/8 c. (2 TBL) White Vinegar
    2 tsp. Vanilla
    2 c. Water

    Combine all ingredients in mixer until smooth. Makes 2 thick 9" layers or approx 30 cupcakes. Bake at 350 for 35 mins (or 20 mins for cupcakes), or until toothpick comes out clean!

    Enjoy & Happy Birthday!!

  6. Try the chocolate cake recipe on the back of the Swan's Down cake box. Very easy, moist and yummy.

  7. Sounds like a fabulous way to celebrate your birthday!

  8. Beautiful cake, i Love the frosting ...

  9. This is the chocolate cake I bake for myself and whoever else makes a chocolate cake request. Best. Cake. Ever. Promise. I'll have it on my blog soon!