Friday, November 4, 2011

Hot chocolate

{Photo credits: Cooking Light}

Erik and I are taking a little trip up north to Grand Marais soon. We are staying in a cabin on Lake Superior and are going to have a few days of total relaxation, good food, coziness, etc.

Since I can't enjoy wine by the fireplace in the evenings I'm planning on making homemade hot cocoa that I can sip and enjoy, maybe even as much as a glass of wine.

Here are a few delicious looking recipes I found:

Mexican hot chocolate
Hot white chocolate with ginger
Peppermint stick hot chocolate
Hot chocolate with ginger

I think the peppermint stick hot chocolate looks the best.  Yum.

In addition to sitting around and drinking hot cocoa, we're planning on going into town for a couple good dinners, going on some walks/hikes (if it isn't too cold), sitting around a bonfire near the lake and hopefully getting lots of sleep.  I can't wait!

If you've been to Grand Marais and have any recommendations please comment and share!


  1. The peppermint stick hot chocolate sounds delicious! In Grand Marais you should go to Sven and Ole's Pizza and Angry Trout Cafe (we didn't go there because we didn't have time, but a lot of people recommended it).


  2. Have fun! I hope you have nice weather. We went there in August a couple of years ago and it was freezing!

  3. I love Grand Marais!!! I wish the Crooked Spoon was open but go to the My Sister's Place...ooh, and it was the Angry Trout I was trying to think of. You'll have such a great time!!! Jay and I got the sausage and kraut pizza from Sven and Ole', was their October pizza special! :) Yum!


  4. I just started following your blog this week, and I am already in love with it! What great ideas and recipe links. Keep up the great work!


  5. Lucky ducks! Be sure to take a walk on Artist's Point in Grand Marais. Cascade River state park is great for a hike. And consider hitting up Northern Waters Smokehaus in Canal Park as you head through Duluth! We grabbed some cheese, meat, and bread there and had a picnic lunch near the lake. Amazing.

  6. Sven and Ole's all the waaaaay!!! And stop in Duluth in the basement of the Dewitt Sietz building in Canal Park to eat at Amazing Grace's Cafe for a sandwich.

  7. I am loving hot chocolate lately. Hope you have fun on your trip! I am your newest follower. xo