Monday, November 14, 2011

Grand Marais - final days

The last couple days of our north woods getaway were just as cozy and relaxing as the first.  Above is a photo of our little cabin.
Breakfast on Friday was an egg, bacon and cheese sandwich.  Erik ate almost an entire package of bacon in two days!  My man loves bacon, but then again, who doesn't?
Here are a couple photos of our temporary home.  We had a huge hot tub and a gorgeous stone fireplace. The back windows overlooked Gunflint Lake.
The cabin had a little kitchen, eating area and living room.
Erik and I in front of our cabin.  I am sporting my 22 week baby bump.  Also, Erik is not the greatest at taking photos.
We spent Friday morning in the lodge, sipping hot cocoa and hanging out.  It was a bit chilly in the morning but warmed up enough for us to take an afternoon hike.
A view of the bar in the lodge.

We took an hour hike up to the scenic overlook.
The scenery on the hike was entirely different from the couple days prior with a fresh layer of snow on the ground.
After our hike I drank more hot cocoa, this time with chocolate chips and whipped cream on top.  I won't be doing this every evening at home but I wish I could!!!
Pretty Gunflint Lake, right outside our cabin.
The name of the resort we stayed at is Gunflint Lodge.  It is about an hour drive outside of Grand Marais (the area with all the shops and restaurants).  So it's not super convenient if you want to go to the north woods but hang out in town at all.  We ended up staying at the resort to avoid that drive (it is off-season right now so a lot of the restaurants and shops are closed anyway).  It took us 5 and a half hours to drive up from St. Paul.  The drive is super scenic, with a view of Lake Superior for much of the way.  Duluth is a great pitstop for lunch.

I loved how remote and rustic the resort is.  You really feel far removed from everything else.  There is no cell service, which I was freaked out by at first, but ended up being really nice in the end.  The lodge has wireless internet for losers (like me) who had a work a bit on vacation.

Though I haven't said it yet because I don't really like the term, this trip was Erik and my babymoon, a chance for us to getaway before our baby girl comes.  A chance to connect and spend some real, quality time together.  And I can honestly say we did just that.  Lots of great conversation, dreaming about our baby (Erik asked, "honey, if we come back with the baby, can I wear one of those things and carry the baby on my chest on our hikes?" cute!), cooking meals together.  Just him and I and (barely) any other distractions.  It was a lovely time and it's cheesy to say but it really did remind me just how much I love this guy.

Take a babymoon.  Or just a trip with your honey.  Turn off your cell phone, sip wine (or hot cocoa) and  That's what we did and I loved each and every second.


  1. I'm glad you had such a great trip. All of the pics are gorgeous!


  2. What a great time it looks like you guys had and what beautiful scenary!!!


  3. So happy you guys found the time to do this!

  4. Glad it was a good time and very relaxing! Gorgeous photos. Eek! Not ready for snow!

  5. Looks like a little piece of heaven! Currently I'm in Los Angeles but in two weeks my husband and I are moving back to my home area of Omaha, NE. One of my husband's good friends is from Viking, MN, so your post got me super excited about a possible trip to Northern MN. I think the entire half of the middle of the country is often overlooked... it's so beautiful! And I'm glad you were able to escape for a babymoon. :)

  6. You have such a beautiful babybump for 22 weeks!

  7. Looks so relaxing! Sounds like a fabulous trip!

  8. it makes me want to take a vaca with my hubby again. I am so glad you guys took this time before the babes came. It looks like it was perferct.

    Lisa Leicht

  9. That's really so cute that your hubby said that! I think it's so cute when the guy is so excited about having a baby too... So exciting and you look FAB with a baby bump :)

  10. I tried to comment when you announced the baby, but was having some technical difficulties.

    I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!