Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baby girl must haves

Ok so these aren't really "must haves" they are just "oh my god these things are so cute my baby has to have them" items.

  • Baby girl embroidered dress - Zara
  • Framed wallpaper - so there is a backstory on this.  I had a vision to wallpaper one wall in baby girl's nursery with a vintage/rose wallpaper.  A back and forth email argument ensued with my husband resulting in him not backing down from his "wallpaper is gross" stance.  Since I have no clue how to wallpaper myself and have a feeling I wouldn't' do the best job, I agreed to let it go.  Until I saw these adorable frames displaying wallpaper.  I ordered 3 different types from the Abby Rose collection at Sherwin Williams and Erik will be creating frames using white trim from a hardware store and fiberboard backing (or something like that).  Super cute, huh? Photo credit above by Pure Home blog.
  • Knit boots - Etsy seller Max and Lulus 
  • I have always known print - Etsy seller MursBlanc
  • Vintage-looking shelves - Restoration Hardware
  • Baby girl floral headband - Etsy seller MyMondaysChild
I've never online shopped so much in my life as I have since becoming pregnant.  Please don't tell my husband!

Do you have any items you'd add to this list?  How about any recommendations for cute white shelves that aren't going to break the bank?


  1. Oh my gosh, that dress and booties are super cute...I want them in my size!


  2. so super cute, baby girls are oh so special!

  3. So cute!!! I have two little boys that I adore but seeing this ah-dorable baby stuff makes me want a girl next!!

  4. She needs a pair of Uggs and baby leg warmers! I just started making baby leg warmers and they are super easy and SUPER adorable!!!! Baby girls are the best!


  5. After my daughter was born, when she was a few months old, I remember thinking this thought: "A piece of me was always missing and I never knew it until she got here." Hope you are so blessed by your little girl and by being a Mommy.

  6. I am having baby girl envy! I love the framed wallpaper idea. I might have to steal it if I ever have a girl!

  7. love the framed wall paper idea. much easier to take down than real wall paper too!

  8. LOVE your vintage theme! Very cute :) Make sure to stock up on adorable head wraps from Butters and Beans! They are SO cute there :)


  9. I love it all! I'm now thinking about getting LB that cute little dress and boots! :)

  10. the floral headband is so cute! i love good etsy finds :)