On Monday Erik and I had an ultrasound where we learned that our baby is healthy and growing. We also learned the sex!  We decided we definitely wanted to know ahead of time if our baby is a boy or girl but we wanted to make it more special than hearing the news in a stark ultrasound room with the technician. So we had him write boy or girl in an envelope and we opened it at lunch that same day.

My 19 week bump.  The pounds on the scale are growing at a scary rate.

Erik and I went to Cafe Ena for lunch which is the same restaurant where we got engaged 4 years ago.  It’s always been a special place for us where we’ve had amazing dates…and now it holds an even more special meaning.

We ordered our lunch and then tore into the envelope.  Our baby is a GIRL!
Oh my god…this moment…I’ll never forget it. 

Erik took a video while I opened the envelope. We were certain the baby was a boy because of some comments the ultrasound tech made.  We were wrong!

Then we ate! Veggie empanadas, a quesillo sandwich and a cubano sandwich.  All delicious.  Anything would have tasted good to me at that point.  I don’t think I stopped smiling all lunch. 

Later that evening we brought a gender reveal cake over to my parent’s house where my whole family learned that our baby is a girl by cutting into the cake with pink frosting. 
The cake was yummy. 
Happy parents-to-be.  To a little girl.  Oh. Wow.