Monday, July 18, 2011

Real party: a sweet baby blessing

This sweet blessing celebration was sent to me by Kaysi, mom to baby Kruz. This party was 100% DIY from the centerpieces to all the (gorgeous) cupcakes.

Kaysi had her whole family over for a brunch after the blessing and included tons of gorgeous details.

Thanks to Kaysi for sending this sweet party my way. Your little guy is so adorable!

I won't be back with new posts until Thursday morning. I'm sorry but I need to face reality and I won't have time this week for the blog. I'm traveling for work on Monday for a new business pitch so please send happy/positive thoughts and vibes my way on Tuesday at 11am - 2:30pm CT. I will be a whole new, much more relaxed version of myself on Wedneday.


  1. What a sweet party (and such a cute baby)! Good luck tomorrow!


  2. What a beautiful party...and what a cute baby!!! All the food looked delic! Amazing job on the cupcakes and I love the pictures on the branches!

    Good luck with the presentation!!!


  3. Very cute party. I love the photos in the branches.

  4. Very cute party! The baby is adorable, and the food looks delicious! Every detail is well thought through!

    Good Luck with your busy week ahead!

  5. What a beautiful party with lovely details! I've been looking at baby-party ideas lately... just found out I'm expecting! A friend is throwing us a gender reveal party next week. She's making drinks in mason jars too. So cute!

  6. this is the sweetest party ever. Loving all the details.

    xoxo, Chrissy
    The Perfect Palette