Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Recipe round-up: quinoa

{Photo credits: Martha Stewart}

A recent Whole Foods cooking class has created my new-found love of quinoa.  Also, I'm sort of ashamed to admit that Weight Watchers has taken a back seat and I've been on a eat-everything-I-see-including-Cheetos-and-all-fried-foods diet the past couple weeks (have I ever mentioned that I actually LOVE junk food?  Especially Cheetos.  Uh).

I don't know why but I tend to do that; Weight Watchers religiously for 2 months than binge eat for a few weeks.  So I'm hoping that focusing on quinoa may help me get back on the healthy-eating train.

Plus, let's get's approaching Spring in MN and there will be no more hiding behind bulky sweaters and winter jackets!


Fennel and quinoa salad with parsley and dill 
Quinoa and turkey patties in pita with tahini sauce 
Quinoa spinach bake
Greek style quinoa burgers 
Quinoa and apple salad with curry dressing
Stuffed poblano peppers in a chipotle sauce


  1. Wow these look great!

    I'm hosting a linkup beginning this Friday called "Fashion Fridays." I'd love for you to be a part of it! Any post you do on fashion will count and you can grab the link and get some traffic. Hope you join us! Have a fantastic day honey! Kori xoxo

  2. I think the Greek style quinoa burgers look fantastic. I am also on a quinoa kick now and think I am going to try a quinoa caprese salad.

  3. I think all these recipes sound know I'll be trying the stuffed poblano pepper recipe, yummy! They used quinoa on an episode of chopped last night at a secret ingredient and I have no clue that's how they pronounced it...I've never tried quinoa but am super excited to!


  4. Quinoa is one of my favorite foods. It is so light and versatile and you can't beat the protein. Thanks for the recipe round up. I'm going to try that quinoa and apple salad!

  5. I've never cooked with it before but am going to tomorrow night. I purchased it yesterday after searching long and hard for it at the grocery store. Looks like bird seed to me. I'm excited to try something different. BTW, I totally understand the binge and healthy eating plan. I'm on that plan too :)
    LOVE your blog button!!! It would make such a wonderful tile. Hope you don't mind me saying so :)

  6. All of these receipes look super delicious! I am the same way about dieting. The only time I've been able to resist the binge eating part was when I was dieting for my wedding. Otherwise, it is so hard to stay motivated.


  7. Thanks for the recipes. Like a lot of other's I've become a real convert to quinoa. Here's a recipe for a salad that we had tonight. It's a winner.


  8. I must say, I do love quinoa. My boyfriend and I use it whenever we can. The only downfall that I have found is that it is a bit expensive, however, a bag goes a long way.

    I found a great turky meatloaf with quinoa recipe on, Delish.