Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Real wedding:Mitchell and Heather, June 2010

I know I said last week's real wedding was probably the last summer wedding I would feature, but I lied. This sunny, colorful wedding is too lovely to pass up. I love the simplicity and the gorgeous, outdoor venue (Benson Park Pecans in Shawnee, OK).

The bride's sister Jenni of A Well Crafted Party sent me this wedding that she styled. Jenni said her sister was very laid back about the wedding and gave full control to her as long it had three things: converse tennis shoes, white garden chairs and the color-scheme of yellow and orange.

The gorgeous ribbon wall pictured above created separation between the reception and ceremony.

Photo credits to West Impressions.

As told by Jenni:

"The entire wedding was DIY. We created all of the flower arrangements, foods, paper goods and decorations. We had a local cake designer, The Cake Diva create 7 different cakes that we displayed on home-made cake stands. Each cake had a different flavor and filling but all had the matching buttercream frosting. The main cake was decorated beautifully in the wedding colors. Guests got to choose the flavor of cake they wanted to eat."
If you love these DIY cake platters as much as I do check back tomorrow for a tutorial with step-by-step photos from Jenni. 
White folding chairs all lined up for a ceremony may be one of the simplest, loveliest parts of any outdoor wedding.
Invites that carried out the color scheme

A birdcage veil, short dress and orange converse,could this bride be any more unique and adorable???  Thanks so much to Jenni for sending this wedding my way and don't forget about the DIY post on how to make homemade cake stands tomorrow!


  1. I LOVE this wedding! When you wrote homemade cake stands, I immediately started thinking, "How do you DIY a cake stand?!" So glad I slowed down and read the next sentence alerting me to the fact that there will be a tutorial tomorrow. I'll be back. Love the casual, playful and easygoing vibe of this wedding.

  2. Love the colors -- so cheerful. That cake? LOVE!

  3. I was at the wedding and it was AMAZING! Jenni did a great job and the bride and groom were adorable!

    Disclaimer: I am the Jenni's mom so I am a bit prejudiced!

  4. What a beautiful wedding! I love the cake stands! Can't wait for the tutorial tomorrow!


  5. Converse wedding shoes are a great (and comfortable...)idea!!! Yeah! And what a sunny palette!
    Thanks for making me smile and think about sun!!!

  6. Beautiful wedding so colorful! love the cake!

  7. Great work. that was pretty interesting. Inspiring, as well. Thanks for sharing such inspiring experience with us. Great blog, congrats!

  8. This project is sooo fun & easy. I starting using our eating plates to make more. Im embarrassed to announce that we have no more eating plates, but a variety of beautiful cake stands. Well, im off to buy new plates for cake stands......ooops, i mean for us to eat off of!!