Friday, July 9, 2010

Real wedding: Molly and Preston, May 2010

I am a huge fan of this real wedding today. I admire any Minnesota couple that takes the risk of having an outdoor ceremony. Our spring/summer weather is so unpredictable you never know if you'll have a 50 degree day with cold rain or 90 degree day with unbearable humidity. You can tell from the gorgeous photos that Molly and Preston had a perfect spring day.

Where to begin with this wedding? Well, to start, Molly the bride is an absolute doll. Her dress is unique and stunning; I love the lacey ruffles. The ceremony is so sweet and perfect. The arch made of branches and floral strands is amazing. And the perfect tulips are simple and lovely centerpieces.

Photos taken by Jessica Smith Photography.  Gorgeous.

Thanks so much to Jessica Smith Photography for sharing this lovely wedding.


  1. I love this wedding! I love the bride's dress, her shoes, the arch, the centerpieces, and the wedding sign. So basically everything.


  2. The day was wonderful! They were a great couple to work with! Thank you Jessica for submitting the photos.

    T & K Event Planners and Decorators

  3. This looks like a gorgeous wedding! I especially loved her beautiful dress and the flower arrangements. The blue shoes were great - I think its awesome when a bride can add her own personality in a little detail like that. Thank you for sharing these photos!

  4. Oh my gosh I LOVE the tulips!!! Her dress is amazing too...I would have never thought I'd like ruffles but that dress was great! Loved the arch as well...since we know I'm a big fan of them and will be having one at my wedding! Their wedding was beautiful!!


  5. Everything about this wedding is gorgeous!

  6. Oh my gosh---those blue shoes!!! Ahhh. All the best to the lovely couple :-)

    Omae @ Love is in the Details

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