Artichoke and cheese tart
Bacon wrapped potato wedges with a sour cream dipping sauce
Bacon wrapped scallops
Caprese bruschetta 
Caramelized onion tart
Cranberry-goat cheese canapes
Cucumber salad
Tomato bruschetta
Buffalo chicken dip
Garlic and sun-dried tomato corn muffins
Ginger shrimp potstickers with a spicy peanut dipping sauce
Gluten-free pizza bites 
Goat cheese and olivada tartlets
Goat cheese crostini with roasted red pepper
Grilled Shrimp Skewers with soy Sauce, ginger and toasted sesame seeds
Homemade crackers
Hot crab dip
Mini crab cakes
Pecorino Romano with Apples and Fig Jam
Radish and cream cheese bites
Radish and cucumber tea sandwiches 
Salsa verde
Savory cupcakes/muffins: cheddar herb bread with goat cheese topping
Savory southwestern oatmeal 
Smoked salmon blini puff
Spinach and artichoke dip
Tomato and goat cheese tarts
Tomato, basil and goat cheese tartlets
Tomato, basil and mozzarella crostini
Wheat germ parmesan crackers 
Zucchini and goat cheese tarts

    Blueberry banana bread
    Homemade focaccia 
    Homemade white bread
    Cheddar herb bread
    Quick drop cheddar biscuits 

      Avocado toast
      Bacon, onion and parsley tart
      Baked mini pumpkin donuts with cinnamon and sugar 
      Banana chocolate chip donuts
      Banana-chocolate chip muffins
      Banana oat muffins
      Banana oat muffins with oatmeal streusel topping 
      Banana peanut butter muffins 
      Berry almond smoothie
      Blueberry banana bread
      Blueberry coffee cake
      Caramel pull-apart biscuits (Monkey bread)
      Cinnamon rhubarb muffins
      Cheddar herb bread
      Chipotle cheddar scones
      Chocolate peanut butter swirl muffins 
      Chorizo, onion and spinach quiche
      Cranberry scones
      French toast baked in honey-pecan sauce
      Glazed pumpkin doughnut muffins 
      Herbed quiche with blue cheese 
      Homemade baked doughnuts
      Kale and cream cheese quiche 
      Kale and goat cheese strata 
      Kale, goat cheese and egg toast
      Mini quiche
      Mixed berry Irish scones 
      Mushroom shallot quiche
      Oatmeal banana muffins (toddler recipe)
      Peanut butter cups
      Pumpkin and oatmeal breakfast cookies (toddler recipe)
      Pumpkin scones with a spiced glaze
      Pumpkin spice lattes
      Pumpkin spice muffins with cream cheese frosting
      Sausage potato and cheddar quiche 
      Spinach puff pastry quiche
      Spiced blueberry muffins
      Steel-cut oats with milk and berries 
      Steel-cut oats with vanilla almond milk and blueberries
      Strawberry banana and honey overnight steel cut oats
      Strawberry rhubarb muffins
      Sausage, egg white and cheese breakfast sandwich
      Tomato, basil and mozzarella quiche

        Chocolate candy cane cookie sandwiches 
        Christmas cornflake cookies

        Frying pan cookies
        Peanut butter blossoms 
        Oreo peppermint crunch cookies 
        Pumpkin (melt-in-your-mouth) cookies 
        Russian tea cake cookies

          Baked mini pumpkin donuts with cinnamon and sugar
          Banana cupcakes with honey cinnamon frosting
          Boston cream pie cupcakes
          Buttermilk pudding cakes with strawberries
          Caramel ginger cookies
          Carrot cake cupcakes
          Champagne cupcakes 
          Chantal’s New York Cheesecake
          Chocolate peanut butter cups
          Chocolate peanut butter swirl muffins 
          Cranberry orange sherbet 
          Crepes with seasonal fruit
          Coco loco brownies
          Dutch apple tarts 
          Ginger sandwich cookies
          Glittering lemon sandwich cookies
          Lemon-orange chiffon cake 
          Mini chocolate whoopie pies
          Oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip bars
          Oreo peppermint crunch cookies
          Peach shortcakes
          Pear galette
          Pecan spice cake with maple frosting
          Pistachio dessert
          Pumpkin bars 
          Pumpkin milk shake
          Pumpkin cookies
          Pumpkin pie bites
          Pumpkin spice muffins with cream cheese frosting
          Pumpkin turnovers
          Pumpkin whoopie pies
          Strawberry rhubarb pies in jars
          Raspberry pie
          Red velvet cupcakes
          Red velvet sandwich cookies
          Six Layer White Cake (gluten-free)
          Rosemary shortbreads
          Shortbread sandwich cookies
          Strawberry cupcakes
          White chocolate fruit tart
          Yellow Buttermilk Cupcakes with Swiss Meringue Buttercream
          Vanilla cupcakes
          Yellow cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting

            Apple cider punch
            Cranberry kiss mocktail 
            Pumpkin spice lattes
            Strawberry thyme agua fresca
            White sangria 

              Potato poha
              Eggs bhurjee
              Bhindi masala
              Chicken tikka
              Chicken tikka masala
              Aloo gobi

                Main Course
                Bacon wrapped scallops
                Beef chili with beer 
                Beef chili
                Beef Daube Provencal
                Beef lasagna
                Bruschetta chicken 
                Buffalo chicken “fries”
                Buffalo chicken salad
                Buffalo chik patty salad
                Buffalo grilled cheese sandwich 
                Cheese ravioli with pesto
                Chicken enchiladas
                Chickpea Greek pita 
                Chicken florentine artichoke bake 
                Chicken souvlaki 
                Chicken tikka masala
                Congee (Chinese sticky rice with vegetables)
                Crock pot chicken chili
                Four cheese zucchini strata
                Fried fish tacos with cilantro lime crema
                Goat cheese stuffed chicken breast
                Goat cheese and herb-stuffed chicken breast
                Goat cheese and sundried tomato tortellini with marinara
                Grilled zucchini and tomato pizza
                Hearty polenta with goat cheese and caramelized zucchini
                Herb linguini with shrimp
                Homemade/fresh pasta
                Honey soy flank steak satay with mashed sweet potatoes
                Knoephla soup
                Korean beef with kale
                Lemon garlic tilapia
                Macaroni and cheese with butternut squash
                Orzo stuffed peppers
                Parmesan Sage-Roast Turkey and Sage Gravy
                Panko-crusted fish sticks with herb dipping sauce
                Pasta with shrimp, peas and buttermilk-herb dressing 
                Pork sausage pasta with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes 
                Pulled pork sandwiches
                Quinoa caprese salad
                Quinoa corn chowder
                Quinoa mac and cheese (great for toddlers)
                Quinoa taco salad
                Quinoa with black beans and corn 
                Roasted butternut squash with sausage and swiss chard
                Salad Nicoise
                Salmon with Tomato Relish
                Shrimp and artichoke pasta
                Shrimp and scallop scampi
                Shrimp caprese pasta 
                Shrimp linguini
                Slow cooker pulled pork tacos
                Steak au poivre
                Salmon cakes
                Taco salad
                Turkey pot pie
                Vegetable quesadillas
                Vegetarian tater tot hot dish 

                    Buffalo chicken salad
                    Cucumber salad
                    Kale, strawberry and avocado salad
                    Quinoa caprese
                    Quinoa taco salad
                    Salad with pears, pancetta and hazelnuts
                    Spinach salad with gorgonzola and cranberry vinaigrette
                    Spring strawberry salad
                    Salad Nicoise
                    Taco salad

                      Side Dish

                      Brussels Sprouts with crisp prosciutto
                      Cheesy potatoes
                      Congee (Chinese sticky rice with vegetables)
                      Potatoes au gratin
                      Roasted beets and goat cheese 
                      Roasted cauliflower
                      Rosemary cornbread

                        Chilled zucchini soup
                        Chunky tomato soup
                        French onion soup
                        Ham cheddar chowder
                        Knoepha soup
                        Lentil soup 
                        Mac n’cheese soup
                        Pumpkin soup with sage and gruyere croutons
                        Quinoa corn chowder
                        Winter squash soup

                        Peach, banana and spinach smoothie