Monday, May 24, 2010

Cupcakes in nut/souffle cups

I baked these cute cupcakes in nut/souffle cups over the weekend. My sister and I picked up the cups at Michaels while shopping for items for her upcoming wedding. (The cupcakes and frosting were made from a mix and store-bought frosting, big time cheating. Oh well.)

I was mostly interested in figuring out how to bake cupcakes using these cups instead of cupcake liners. A muffin pan is not necessary, you simply put the cupcakes on a baking sheet and fill up 2/3 full.

One note, these don't peel away easily like cupcake liners. You either have to eat these cupcakes with a fork, or cut the cup using a scissors.

I piped the frosting using a large round tip.

I tried a different decorating method and spread the frosting on top with some pink sprinkles.

I also baked blueberry scones on Saturday, post to come later this week. Did you have any fun baking adventures over the weekend?


  1. These cupcakes are so pretty! You did an excellent job, Jenna!

  2. Really pretty. How long did you have to bake them? Was it a shorter time than regular cupcakes?

  3. They are pretty! They are also delicious!


  4. i love those!!! very different

  5. Very, very cute! My baking, Sunday morning before it got super hot, was a simple rhubarb crisp. I forgot where I got the recipe (although I'm pretty sure it was only last week I ran across it), but I'm sure I'll run across it again because it was very distinctive, with cardamom. I opted against the cardamom but added dried cherries. Well worth heating the house up a bit!

  6. Thanks for all the comments :) Sandy, I baked these for 19 minutes at 350 degrees.

  7. No baking for me but I absolutely love the images of your baking. I'm curious though...will your sister serve them with a fork at the wedding? The presentation is so much more beautiful than a cupcake liner but could be a problem if they don't want to come out of their shell.
    Carol@The Design Pages