Monday, February 22, 2010

Real party: a very fabulous 30th birthday

I turned 30 a couple weeks ago and instead of freaking out, I embraced it. The day was inevitable so why not be happy and celebrate? So that's exactly what I did. I threw myself (with the help of one fabulous sister and a few friends) a lovely, fun, pretty party at Loto Life Cafe in Lowertown St. Paul.

I've decided that 30 is the new 21. I don't know anyone that has turned 30 and didn't get ridiculously drunk. I sure did. And it was great.

Here is the inspiration board I created and photos from the party.

Thanks to my sister for the awesome dessert display. The cupcakes were made by Loto and everything else was brought in.

The cupcakes were yummy.

Lovely Scribbles did all the calligraphy for the dessert labels and menu.

I got china mums from A Day in Provence. They originally were white then sprayed pink.

Clear cylinder vases with pink and ivory floating candles plus small votives were everywhere, which created a nice, warm glow.

I had a signature drink of sparkling rose with raspberries. I brought in 8 bottles of Astoria Lounge.

The menu was fun, not fancy, and very tasty.

I had many glasses of the sparkling rose.

We had a huge platter of fruit, another platter of cheese and tons of bread.

Mini burgers! These were awesome.

And my favorite...the french fry cones. These fries were really good.

Thanks so much to all my friends, family and coworkers for coming out and helping me celebrate, and embrace, turning 30!!


  1. It looks so lovely! What a fun, fancy birthday. I hope it was a good one!

  2. Wow! Love this and love that you made your 30th birthday a great excuse to throw a super fabulous party!

  3. Your party was fantastic, and the details were all so fun and pretty! Great job, Jenna!!

  4. Happy BDay! Go pink!

    Kim @

  5. Love it. Love Proseco, love raspberries, love pink.. love it all...

  6. Gorgeous! Have to love pink! I see you said St. Paul - are you living in Minnesota?! If so, I live in the Twin Cities too! :)

  7. Jenna, sorry I had to be out of town for this!!!! Looks absolutely fabulous, we'll celebrate again this Sat!
    Emily L.

  8. Thanks so much for all the comments, ladies!! Simply Stunning Ideas - yes, I live in St. Paul!!

  9. What an amazing looking party! Happy birthday!

  10. looks like it was a great party with lots of fun details! if it makes you feel any better, I am turning 40 this year (would love to be turning 30 instead! )

  11. It was fabulous, just like you! I ate enough cheese for 40 days at your party, haha.

  12. Looks gorgeous. Who did the calligraphy? It was beautiful. Happy birthday!!! - J. Ni

  13. Jessica - Thanks for the comment! Lovely Scribbles did the calligraphy, she is really good, check out her website, She is also my sister-in-law.

  14. It was a fun night AND the food was so freaking good! All I did was stand by the food and eat it...I was so full by the end of the night but I had a great time! :)


  15. Hopping over from the link on Birthday Girl.

    What a fabulous & gorgeous party!

  16. Happy Birthday! Beautiful party! I loved all the details, calligraphy, candles, signature drink... it all looked great!