Monday, October 26, 2009

Winter wonderland dessert display

These images come from the Inspired Bride blog, another great blog all about wedding inspiration and the writer/creator is from MN! She partnered with Bake It Pretty to create this stunning winter wonderful dessert buffet display. If you are at all into baking, check out Bake It Pretty, the site has amazing supplies including cupcake baking cups and toppers.

I love everything about this display, the color palette, the gorgeous miniature desserts, the attention to detail and most of all the branch/bird centerpiece. Something like this would have fit in perfectly with my winter wedding last December.

It's probably a good thing this wasn't posted a year ago or it would have given me more ideas to drive my husband crazy with. I stuck with a traditional 3-tier wedding cake, which was gorgeous, but the trend of dessert displays is really coming on strong this year and is so cool.

I have a feeling my best friend Kristin will love the color of this display as she is definitely gravitating towards all things blue/teal/turquoise. She just got engaged a couple weeks ago and I could not be more excited to help her plan her big day!


  1. I love the "Thank You" treat bag. Everything about this display has me hooked!

  2. You're right--I do love it!

  3. I thought it was an excellent blog, that information has been very helpful in my life, I am a desserts lover, so I really enjoyed this reading, this weekend I want to do one! Thanks for this great moment!

  4. Oh, what a decoration I want to get some one who can make a decoration like that because next week I'll get married with the most incredible woman in this planet.

  5. This winter season I will make something similar !! thanks for the idea.