Monday, July 27, 2009

Real Party: A Mexican Fiesta

My good friend Libby turned 30 last weekend and her boyfriend Biffer (yes, it's a nickname), Kristin and I co-hosted a Mexicana Fiesta at my house. Though lots of planning and good intentions went into the party, it didn't exactly go as planned. So my lesson learned is that you can't always predict party success and things don't always go perfectly.

Let's focus on the postive, shall we? We had a good five hours of party greatness and overall the heart of the party was present. The decor was lovely, many good friends and family came, and there was lots of great food as well as an amazing signature drink, Sangria.

Check out the delicious menu:

Barbacoa (this turned out amazing and I wish I would have snapped more pictures, the meat was super tender, just the right amout of heat and had an awesome deep flavor.)
Shredded chicken
Ground beef
Black beans
Mexican rice
Habanero salsa
Green peppers and onions
Sangria (recipe from
The birthday gal is not a big cake person so we had an ice cream sundae bar instead.

Here are some pics from the day.

These gorgeous flowers are from the Mpls Farmer's Market and the bold colors reminded me of Mexico.
Custom menu

I've been saving mason jars for months now and tied colorful ribbon around the top and filled with long-burning votives.

Kristin brought over lots of great decor.

Biffer dressed up for the party. It was a big hit.

These colorful lanterns were my favorite part of the decor. At night they just glowed and created a cool ambiance.

What is a Mexican Fiesta without a pinata? My favorite part was after Libby broke it open about 10 neighborhood kids appeared and we had them join in and collect all the candy.

The buffet, thank goodness for crockpots.

The gorgeous lanterns at night.

The Mason jars lit with candles.

Click here to check out the inspiration board I put together for this party.


  1. Look at you being all cute with your Mexican fiesta! Great job and I love the candle idea.

  2. looked like a fun party and the lanterns and pinata looked wonderful!

  3. what I have to do, to get invited ? haha excellent advices usually that's a real party, because I have went to a some party here and the partys here are just get drunk, drugs, have sex, the latin partys are real partys, dancing, talking, drink moderated, and do not stupid things.